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This week’s featured blogger is Ashley from Life on the Parsons Farm! She’s a wife and a mommy to the most adorable girl, Ellie! Her blog is about what I adore – what it’s like as a mom, juggling life and all the ups and downs that come with it, and trying to find the joy that’s there! She’s so open about the journey of adopting, and now raising their sweet Ellie, but also finds ways to be uplifting as she and her husband go through infertility struggles.  She is such an encouragement! Go on over to Ashley and say a big HELLO!!

I am a little bit shocked that today is Friday. Didn’t we JUST do this H54F thing a few days ago??

1. Today is my 31st Birthday! I plan on celebrating by not cooking (except that I am making my own birthday dessert, but I do that every year) and getting my free Starbucks drink. To be honest, I’m actually not all that enthusiastic about it. Not because I’m now 31. It’s because Elizabeth and I both have nasty summer colds and we both are getting on each other’s nerves. Toddlers and mommies with colds don’t mix. We’ve watched a lot of Daniel Tiger this week. However, in honor of my birthday, I did a fun blog post on 31 random facts about me! It was fun to put together! Check it out to see if there were any surprises :)

2. The TV saga continues. If you missed it last week, we spontaneously purchased a TV… and now it’s living in a rather large niche over our fireplace. I really LOVED what I had up there before, and now I’m just looking at a large TV. Plus, I can’t say having the TV really makes that much of a difference to the quality of my TV watching. My husband might disagree… To be continued….

3. It was a great week for editing videos! HA! I managed to power through 3 that had been sitting on the back burner. So this week my first Empties video went live! It was all about drugstore makeup I’ve used up. Go check it out and let me know what you’ve tried and loved! Stay tuned for an empties video all about skincare and haircare!

Drugstore Makeup Empties Video

4. This article about missing close friends that live far away was making the rounds on Facebook this week. In fact I even posted it on my FB page. While it made me all sniffely thinking about friends that are precious to me but aren’t near me, it did make me happy to think of friends that ARE near me! I’m so grateful for a fun, supportive, uplifting, hilarious group of friends where I’m comfortable being me! Bonus that they love Elizabeth too. And a bonus bonus(!) that we’ve got friends spread out all over the country, so that no matter where we choose to go on vacation, we’ve got someone to visit.

5. Elizabeth’s entertainment factor went up a lot this week! I finally scored a cheap, wooden play kitchen on Craigslist for her, and she is so thrilled!! And one morning she crawled into an empty box, and started having a great time. What’s a mom to do but to toss in some stickers and crayons! We had a great time decorating it!



Kind of the most boring highlights ever, but I’m all congested and can’t think straight! HAHA!

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