What’s in My Diaper Bag for a 6 – 9 Month Old

Skip Hop Duo French Stripe at Cup of Tea blog
Woohoo!  This is my favorite kind of content!  I love getting a chance to see all the fun things moms carry in their diaper bag for the baby, as well as getting a tour of some amazing diaper bags!

The last time I did this, my daughter was 3 months old.  I was also carrying the Skip Hop Studio bag.  I LOVE that bag!  But, the main compartment zipper busted.  I contacted Skip Hop to see what could be done, and they sent me a voucher to either replace the Studio bag, or purchase another one.  (Isn’t that awesome customer service???)

So I decided, why not?  Buy a new one!  I opted for the Skip Hop Duo in French Stripe.  I’m obsessed with stripes, and this was just so darn cute!  I still use the Skip Hop Studio bag (in fact, I prefer it over the French Stripe), but the Duo is great for casual day trips!

It’s main compartment holds a ton!  I also love the versatility of the handles – the leather grab handles are great, and the messenger-style strap is VERY convenient!  And those side bottle pouches (one on each side!) hold our 8oz wide mouth Dr. Brown’s bottles easily.


If you want a looky-loo at what I’m currently carrying in the diaper bag for my 8 month old, then grab a hot drink and queue up the video!

Also, enquiring minds want to know what I carry in my Coach zippered cosmetic bag.  I call this my Mommy Essentials bag, because it holds all my little doodads in one spot, instead of floating around in the diaper bag.  It also makes it convenient to transfer my things when I’m changing out handbags (hardly ever happens these days!).


I’ve got the basics – hand sanitizer, hand lotion, tissues, bandaids, as well as a variety of hair items for emergencies.  I also carry around a few tea bags (duh), an iPhone charger car adapter, a travel mirror, as well as a variety of lip balms.  I am a HUGE fan of tinted lip balms.  I’ve never really been a lip stick girl, so tinted lip balms give me a hint of color without looking too done.

So that’s it!  What do you carry around in your diaper bag?  What’s your diaper bag of choice these days?  Is it even a diaper bag?!  I’d love to hear all about it!

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  1. Angie says:

    Hi! Great review. Was wondering if you have found it has gotten noticeably dirty, as it is lighter in shade. Was thinking of using Scotch Guard if I do get it.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Hi Angie! Thanks! And great idea!! I haven’t noticed my bad getting noticeably dirty. The bag isn’t traditional cloth. It’s more like an oil cloth, so it’s completely wipeable (thank goodness!). But a spray of Scotch Guard is a great idea, just to make sure it stays extra clean!

      • Angie says:

        I just received my bag! You were right about the fabric; I can definitely see that stains will NOT be an issue.
        However, I was disappointed to discover that the bag has changed since your review. Changes include: missing second shallow, zippered pocket, and no magnetic closure on the main pocket. I wish the site I purchased it from would have had an accurate description.

        • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

          Oh poo!!! That is so disappointing!! The second shallow pocket isn’t as tragic as the magnetic closure. So there is nothing for the main compartment? Oh I’m so sorry, Angie. I know it will still be a great, cute bag. But thank you for letting me know they made changes! Definitely need to add that to this blog post and the YouTube description box.

          • Angie says:

            Correction: there is a zipper closure for the main pocket, which actually could be an added plus. I would have just preferred if they had also kept the magnet, giving the option of either.

            But I think you are correct, it is a great bag, regardless.
            Mainly, just bugs me as an online consumer, who is dependent on accurate item deceptions.

          • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

            Oh glad there is something there instead of nothing for the main compartment!!! Thanks for the correction.

  2. Kathy Smith says:

    Hi Katie,
    Lovely Diaper Bag! Thanks for sharing your tips. I get more ideas from it. I have a two years old twin baby. I am looking for a Backpack diaper bag for twins to travel with my baby.

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