High Five for Friday #57 | The Week that was Productive!

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Welcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by me, TifDella, and Caitlin! If you want to know more, read about it here!

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us live for last night’s H54F Hangout! It was so much fun! And a special thanks to Whitney from Come Home for Comfort who joined us! Last night we figured out that we’ve known our husbands for a long time AND we’re going to have a H54F conference in Gatlinburg. haha!

This week’s featured blogger is Kristy from Seven Graces! I don’t remember when I first discovered her blog, but when I did, it was magic! She’s a mommy (we have toddler girly girls that are oh so close in age!) a wife and one of the kindest, most honest bloggers out there. Just yesterday she announced she’ll be writing a Bible Study!!! So excited for her! Swing over and meet her!

Let’s dive in to some highlights! One note – I really haven’t been taking that many pictures! This is weird….

1. Thanks for letting me whine a little last week. Sometimes it just feels good to do that. And, oddly enough, that Friday was a FANTASTIC Friday in the Terrible Twos department! Meaning, we had almost zero meltdowns. A win win! But sometimes it feels like you can’t win. But when there is a win? Magic, friends!

2. This week was wonderfully productive, but it was the kind where I was super productive doing things not exactly on my to do list. Like yesterday… I worked like a mad woman cleaning the house while Elizabeth was at her school. When I sat down to check things off the to-do list, there were only 2 to check off. Poo! Either I need to look at that to-do list more often, OR I need to be more detailed HAHA!

3. Speaking of productivity… I mentioned a while back that I’ve been obsessed with looking at bullet journals! (Remember that post from oh so long ago where I talk about my DIY planner? That is apparently called a bullet journal!) I’ve been planning on how to incorporate a bullet journal for blogging/brain dump purposes, and then transferring that info into my Simplified Planner. It’s coming together and I want to share that with you when it’s done. So many people have asked how I’m using the Simplified Planner on the daily, so this will help answer that question! But if you want to have your mind blown, just look at #bulletjournal on Instagram. Addicting!

4. This week was SO frosty! This is a problem because my coats aren’t zipping up (#pregnancyproblems) so I’m exposed to the elements. Elizabeth and I had a museum day on Wednesday. I thought we’d just tackle the inside part, but she was adamant about heading outside. Like a good mommy, I brought the hat & gloves for her, just in case. But me? SO COLD! I was even wearing shoes without socks, ankles exposed (so scandalous). I hate to be hot, so I always dress like it’s really 10 degrees warmer… but it was a fail on my part. But we did have fun!

5. What’s everyone doing for Valentine’s Day? I seriously don’t remember the last time my husband and I went out for Valentine’s Day. Maybe when we were dating in college? And escaping off campus sounded like a genius idea? But that was over 10 years ago! So I’m making his favorite homemade pizza and Elizabeth and I will be making cookies! That’s about as exciting as it gets around here… a FANTASTIC Valentine’s Day would be falling asleep early! Too much to ask?

In case you missed the goings on around here this week, here’s what you missed!

In case you missed what's happened on the blog, Here's the scoop!

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What were you up to this week? Let me know!

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  1. Amanda Bullard says:

    Glad you had a much better week! Brrr it is frosty and I do not like it, Sam I am! Why did I throw in a Dr. Seuss line there? Happy Valentine’s and if it makes you feel better – we do nothing to celebrate either (but the in-laws do take the kids for a few hours on Saturday for it!)

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      HAHA! Dr. Seuss made me laugh 🙂 I’d take a few hours just my husband and me! That sounds wonderful! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. keri says:

    I love Kristy- such an encouraging girl. I keep forgetting about the hangouts! I need to make it to the next one. You know I love your Planner posts, going to hop over to Instagram to look at the bullet journaling- I may have my morning spent there hahha!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      HAHA I get lost so easily in the Bullet Journal world. So many people with pretty handwriting (not me!) and lists lists lists! And at least the hangout is something to watch after the fact 🙂 So there goes another hour! HAHA! Have a great weekend!

  3. Nicole says:

    Yay for a productive week! And no meltdowns! I think that’s the real winner here 😉
    No Valentine’s day plans here either. I’ve been planning on making some cupcakes, and then maybe a hear shaped pizza for dinner. But that’s about it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Jess says:

    I am so envious of your productive week! I always get so annoyed when I’m doing things and then discover that I didn’t write them on my to-do list so I can’t check them off. Arg! That’s the worst! Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I definitely added a few tasks to the To do list just to cross them off! HAHA! Felt better 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Victoria says:

    Happy Valentine’s day! I missed the hang out last night but did post pics on my blog of our wedding. A little Throwback Thursday! 🙂 Have a terrific Valentine’s weekend with your loves! 🙂

  6. Whitney says:

    I totally know what you mean about completing a bunch of tasks but then having nothing to cross off the list. There’s no shame in writing those things on your to-do list and then crossing them right off…I do it! 🙂 Your pizza and cookies Valentines Day sounds awesome! We’re having nachos, cookie cake and root beer tonight to celebrate. 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I definitely added those to-do list items just to cross them off 🙂 Made me feel a lot better! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Where have I been that I did not know about this link up of lists?!? I’m going to have to join you girls for your next live hang out. And, I’m with you, hanging out at home and going to bed early is the best!

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