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Today’s featured blogger is Lisa from Peridot Skies! She’s an amazing fashion blogger who loves color! Just a flick through her IG account and you’re in color/pattern heaven. Really love this post on 3 ways to style a button down. Swing on over and wish her a happy Friday!

This week was a weird week… we’re back to our normal routines, which made for a busy week. And then William has entered in to that 4 month sleep regression… so I’m a zombie. BUT some funny things did happen this week, all thanks to our little comedian, Elizabeth! So let’s share!

1. Sunday we did something we haven’t done in a long time – go on a family hike! When we’ve tried, Elizabeth usually gets “tired” after about 10 minutes and you’re forced to either carry her or turn back.  But this kiddo did the 1.5 mile loop all on her own with GREAT enthusiasm. In fact, at one point, she was our line leader and shouting “great job, Nature Explorers!”. 

A nice nature walk

2. I mentioned that William is in that 4 month sleep regression… basically it means he’s having a hard time getting himself back to sleep after a 45 minute sleep. Well, he woke up super early one morning and started squawking, which woke Elizabeth up. She came stopping over to William’s room, climbed up the crib to look at him, and then said “William. Stop that. It’s not nice.”. HA!

3. Elizabeth has been trying to play with William, and it’s adorable! We stuck William in the high chair, for fun, and both kids loved it! William loved being high, and Elizabeth loved that William was at eye level. She kept peeking at him and saying, “Hello, William. I’m your big sister.”

Trying out the high chair for the first time.

4. Remember the Unicorn back pack from last week? Turns out there are 4 other unicorn back packs at school, so it’s hard to know which one is Elizabeth’s when they are all in a pile by the playground at pick up time. I tried to convince Elizabeth to use last year’s bee backpack for school and save the unicorn one for church. She wasn’t buying it… until I mentioned that another mommy might accidentally grab HER backpack and take it home. And then, the light bulb went off…. she remembered that her precious blankie is in her school backpack, just in case. “MOMMY! They will take blankie with them! I can use my bee backpack instead so blankie stays safe.”

5. Yesterday we went to the park with a friend. After a GREAT afternoon of playtime, we loaded up to head home. Elizabeth’s new “independent” thing is heading straight back to the 3rd row in the van and refusing to come to her seat. SUPER frustrating. I finally drag her to her seat and as I’m buckling her I tell her when we get home she will need to sit in time out for not coming when I asked. She wanted to know the exact method of the time out… to know what to expect no doubt. I told her it was sitting by herself until mommy told her she was done. After considering her options, she said, “Could I have a spanking instead?”. Trying my best not to laugh, I asked why. And she answered “I don’t like to sit by myself. Can I have a spanking, please?”. Clever. Swapping the 3 minute punishment for the 2 second one. Genius!

What was your highlight from the week? Can’t wait to hear about it!

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    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I love that she entertains him. And William can’t get enough of Elizabeth. She definitely is his favorite in the house. I may feed him, but she gets his smiles every time!

  1. Jess says:

    Omg Elizabeth is too funny! While her refusal to get in her car seat may be frustrating, at least she’s got your back on the sleep front! Haha! Good thinking with Blankie too–OF COURSE Blankie’s best interests would trump fashion! ;D Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

  2. Candace says:

    Oh man – your daughter was TOO funny! Wanting a spanking instead of a time out – hahaha. Stinks that you’re in zombie mode – hopefully it doesn’t last too long and have a good Friday!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      It was really hard not to laugh out loud when she started negotiating the spanking vs timeout. Just a bit to clever for me!

  3. Whitney Jordan says:

    That Elizabeth is a funny one!! Isn’t it great how much they’re learning and how everything is negotiable these days!?!? Glad there’s some sweet sibling moments this week and hope that the four month sleep regression wraps up quickly.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      EVERYTHING has become negotiable. HAHA! It’s hard to keep a straight face when she busts out a random “let’s do this 16 more times”.

  4. Beverly says:

    Wow, Elizabeth is quite the character, and smart, too! Haha! So glad she gave in to the backpack switch, as I can only imagine the chaos of finding the exact one on a daily basis. Hopefully, William will give in to regular sleep soon, too. Hang in there!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      It made it so much easier to find that backpack! And the fact that we escaped that whole situation with zero tears is a miracle!

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