The QUICK Gift Guide for Preschoolers

Confession – I am a HUGE gift buying procrastinator! Doesn’t matter who it’s for, I am usually scrambling last-minute to find you a gift. (Sorry!) As a result, I rely heavily on Amazon Prime and subscription-style gifts.

I’ve rounded up a collection of get-it-quick gifts for the toddler or preschooler in your life! With all of these gifts, we either own them right now or they are currently in my cart right now to buy for our preschooler. And if you need a gift in a hurry, these will be fun and get the job done!

Ben the Rooster | This is SO CUTE! It’s a pen pal subscription service for your kiddos. Ben the Rooster sends them 2 postcards a month all about what’s going on at the farm. Each note includes a postcard, with stamp, for your child to send BACK to Ben! Elizabeth gets so excited when she sees a card with “Ben the Woooster” on it. Use the coupon code BEN10 right now and you can get 10% off your order!

Journey by Aaron Becker | This picture-only story is amazing! It’s a tale of a girl who finds a magic red crayon and draws a door to a magical land. It’s quite the adventure story, and Elizabeth loves that she can tell it to us. There are also 2 other books in this series!

Interlocking Toy Snowflakes | We have a similar toy and it gets so much use! The adults even get into building all sorts of shapes. A bonus for this toy is that you can fill a ziplock back and take some to go with you.

PlanToys Beehive | This little wooden toy has so many uses! Obviously there’s that fancy “fine motor” skill development. But you can also build different towers with those little hives. Or play a game of hide-and-seek with the bees to get them back to their hives. You can match/identify colors. It’s a fun one in our house! And those little bees are just so cute.

Hape Visit the Vet Magnetic Travel Book |  Anything magnetic is fun at our house. And if it has a little scene with it? Bonus! This has been in Elizabeth’s wishlist for quite a while. It would be perfect for taking to a restaurant or to church.

PlanToys Balancing Tree | This puzzle is just as much fun for mom as it is kids! I have definitely played around with this one a ton since we got it. Plus it looks really nice on a shelf!

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game | This is the first “board” game that Elizabeth has had, and she took to it really quick! We love playing this as a family. And it’s a simple enough game for even toddlers to understand.

Marble Genius Marble Run Set | There are several sizes of this set (we have the “deluxe” one) but this is just SO much fun! I’ve caught my own husband, alone, in the playroom, setting up an elaborate marble run.

Learning Resources Primary Science Viewscope | We have a little scientist on our hands. This looks like it would be tons of fun when we finish collecting bugs or rocks outside. It is sitting in my shopping cart right now for Christmas!

If you’ve got a preschooler to shop for, then one of these gifts will absolutely fit the bill! 

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