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The best Pinterest recipes that you have to try!
It’s the last Monday of the month! That means I’m teaming up with my friends Come Home for Comfort and Polka-Dotty Place to share our favorite recipes from this past month that you HAVE to try!

There are SO many recipes to try on Pinterest, that I forget to actually make them. At least this forces me to try a few recipes that get pinned.

Here’s a rundown of what I tried!

Frittata Basics // This handy little infographic showed you the basics you need to make a frittata! It was pretty handy when I wanted to put one together for a potluck. Keep the basics the same (eggs + milk + onions + salt/pepper) and just mix and match your add ins. Super handy!

Southwest Kale Power Salad // This salad was AMAZING! Even my husband loved it, despite having a sad face when he walked in the door from work to discover he was only getting a “salad”. What made this delicious was all the extra lime flavor as well as the avocado dressing. And leftovers for several days! Bonus!

Pasta with Carmelized Onions + Yogurt // I love carmelized onions! But I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to think when this pasta recipe’s sauce was just “2 cups greek yogurt + 1/4 cup pasta cooking water”. I even warned my husband that he might not like it. But nope! It ended up tasting like an alfredo sauce! It was delicious.

Mole Black Bean Tacos with Cabbage + Cilantro Slaw // MAN this was good! It was your basic black bean taco, but elevated! The flavors were simple but such a good combo. And we used leftover cabbage slaw the next day for a salad topping for extra flavor and crunch. It was a great win!


What are some amazing recipes you’ve tried lately? Have you peeked in your trusty recipe box recently?

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  1. Brenda says:

    I’m always looking for some new meal inspiration! Thanks for sharing what you’ve been enjoying! I just clicked through the link you for the frittatas. I love the variety of options! Have a delicious February ahead, friend! xo – Brenda //

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