Create Your Perfect Morning Routine

You can create the perfect morning routine for YOU in just 5 steps!

You see morning routine pins all over Pinterest! The general opinion out there is if you don’t have a morning routine, you’re loosing the day before it even begins.

Here’s the truth – a morning routine is GREAT! If it’s one that works for you. Should you wake up at the crack of dawn to accomplish everything? Does it really matter if your bed is made?

Maybe. Depends on you!

I am a firm believer that we are all wired differently, and what works for me may not work for you. We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to one another, because that’s just not fair.

So why a morning routine?

A morning routine, whatever it is, can help you start the day on the right foot. It can signal to your body that the day has begun, and it’s time to get stuff done.

Does it have to start at 5:00 am? Nope.

If you’re wanting to create your own morning routine, I have 5 things you should consider:

  1. Think of things that you KNOW you’re better off doing in the morning.
  2. It’s OK if you are not a morning person.
  3. Tackle a few chores.
  4. Get dressed and ready for your day.
  5. Find time for some quiet.

If you take some time to think about you and how you are naturally wired, you can create a morning routine that works perfectly for you!

So what’s my typical morning?

The goal is to have my morning routine complete before 9:00am. Some mornings it’s a tight squeeze. But generally speaking we need to be out the door, doing something (school run, groceries, errands, etc) by 9:00.

My typical morning routine is:

5am | Up, catch up on computer work and enjoy the quiet

6am | To the gym

7am | Family breakfast, get everyone dressed

7:30am | Unload dishwasher, start load of laundry

8am | Get dressed, makeup, make beds

8:30am | Enjoy a little quiet or play time with kiddos before needing to rush out the door (and try not to actually rush, because that makes my kids go slower…. ugh)

9am | Hopefully out the door

Do you have a morning routine? Are you more of a morning person? Or a night owl?

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  1. Whitney Jordan says:

    I am impressed with your 5am wake time!! I am not a morning person so I try to get a ton done at night after the kids are in bed. I’d love to have a good morning routine and a time to accomplish the tasks by so you’ve got me thinking. I know I’d feel better if I streamlined my mornings a bit. Thanks for the push 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Good for you realizing that you’re way more productive in the evening! We all have our sweet spot for productivity. But it does feel good to check a few things off the list first thing in the morning. If nothing else, an empty dishwasher and a load of laundry started is great!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Getting exercise in is hard for everyone I think!! I do find I’m more consistent with it if I do it in the morning. Lazy kicks in if I save it for the afternoon…

  2. Jess says:

    Yes, feeling rushed and disorganized definitely does not make for a good morning! I’m trying to improve my morning routine, so this post./video was perfect timing!

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