What’s In My Bag | Skip Hop Forma Backpack as Overnight Bag

I love getting questions either here on the blog or over on my YouTube channel! Usually the questions are about something I haven’t even thought about yet. And it’s a fun spring board to discuss on the blog.

Although, sometimes I just answer a question in the comments section.

When a recent viewer asked if my Skip Hop Forma backpack could be used as a baby overnight bag, I wanted to quickly reply “sure! Why not?”. But the reality was I didn’t know for sure…

So I used it for a quick one night stay at my in-laws, just to see what I could cram in there for my then 10 month old baby.

And when I came back home, I was ready to report in!

Spoiler alert! It fit everything my kiddo needed! It would haven also fit some simple personal items of mine, like my wallet, phone and some lip balm. But overall, it fit clothes, sleeping stuff, and diaper things!

You still would realistically need a seperate purse or smaller diaper bag for the on-the-go items, but it worked just fine as a quick overnight bag. If you’re an even more minimalist packer than me, you could get away with just the backpack.

Babies aside, are you an over packer or minimal packer? I’d love to do a few videos on packing, since I became quite the minimal packer thanks to my several-year stint as a serious business traveler.

I have a few other posts about this particular diaper bag backpack, if you’re interested!

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