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If you're a fan of podcasts AND productivity, then here are some podcasts you must listen to!

I have a secret.

Well, maybe it’s not so secret. But it is something I don’t shout from the rooftops.

I love reading, listening and learning about productivity.

Some people love to read biographies about ancient peoples, or amazing leaders. Some love to read novels. Others enjoy a good Instagram flip-through. Me too.

But I can totally nerd out over productivity stuff.

I’ve always been interested in productivity. Using my time wisely. Mastering a to-do list. I can remember the joy I felt when it was back-to-school time in middle school and buying a fresh planner for the year.

I do love reading books on productivity, most recently The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey. It was a good read! I even convinced my husband to read it.

But these days it takes me time to read a book cover to cover. So I get productive (see what I did there?) by listening to podcasts on productivity!

So if you’re like me and love hearing strategies, tips and ideas all around maximizing time, then here are my favorite podcasts I listen to as soon as they come out, and a few “start here” episodes.

Beyond the To Do List | This one has a great mix of “theory” and practicality when it comes to productivity strategies. The host, Erik Fisher, has a stellar guest line up as well. Listen to this episode if you want to discover your personal productivity style. This episode is all about automation and routines, and this episode is a great one if you feel like you’re off course when it comes to your priorities.

The Productivity Show | These guys are all theory basically! These days they focus a lot on how to increase energy for more productive days, as well as getting back your ability to focus and get deep work done. It’s harder than ever for us to focus on one task for longer than 10 minutes. That skill takes practice. This episode is great if you need to get back on track with focus. (I do!) And if you’ve always wanted to be an early riser to get more stuff done, this episode has good tips! Although… I’d argue that you should be doing your most important work when you have the most energy, and that may not be early in the morning…

The 5AM Miracle | So obviously, based on the podcast name, this one focuses a lot on getting up early and getting some stuff done right away. But I also like his emphasis on batching tasks. Basically, what similar tasks can you do all at once while you’re in that zone? A year ago, I was doing a little bit of cleaning each day. But I found that I naturally get in a cleaning mood once I start cleaning, and it was hard for me to stop cleaning. So I decided why not move all the cleaning tasks to one day and just blitz through it! That’s the idea of batching tasks. A blogging example might be saving all of your Facebook scheduling for one time a week. Or answering comments. Or recording videos! This episode was a great introduction to it all!

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Do you have a favorite genre? I want to hear them!

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  1. Mary Leigh says:

    This is a really great list! I am listening to Beyond the To-Do List now based on your recommendation! I have just gotten into listening to podcasts, so I appreciate these recommendations!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Once I stepped in to the podcast world I couldn’t stop!! I love to also find new podcasts by searching by a key word. My latest search was “bullet journal” and it uncovered so many new podcasts discussing them! Glad you like Beyond the To Do List so far!

  2. Heather says:

    Thank you for putting this list together. I love the last one about batching tasks as I have a hard time stopping when I’m on a roll too.

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