Christmas Content Links + Loves

Anyone else OD’ing on Christmas content yet?

I love getting to read all the various Christmas crafts, recipes and gift guides. I’m so proud that there are MANY better bloggers than I am, making sure to get quality content up and live on time.

I got to thinking – there are SO many good posts out there, I just thought I’d share a few of my favorite reads so far.

Hostess Gift Guide // There are so many great Christmas posts on Come Home for Comfort’s blog right now, but my fav is this collab video with her own momma, sharing ideas for hostess gifts. Heart eye emojis for days. And REALLY good ideas!

Etsy Gift Guide // Even if you don’t order from these Etsy vendors in time for Christmas, save these ideas for later!

Jingle Bell Wreath Ornaments // I’m planning a little DIY ornament project with the kids. It will be our 3rd year making an ornament. And Whitney has the CUTEST and easiest idea! I even have all the materials! Check

Why Decorate for Christmas? // I loved this post from Risen Motherhood. I always get a little humbug about decorating for Christmas, because it feels like by the time the decorations are up and I’m all done, it’s time to take it all down again. They offer great reminders of how to focus your heart while enjoying the decorating process.

Simple Small Hanging Wreaths // This pin of small, fresh hanging wreaths in a window is SO pretty! Someone want to come over and make this for me?

And while I don’t have any new, exciting Christmas content THIS year, there were some great ones the last few years!

DIY Tomato Cage Christmas Tree // One year I was really crafty! I still can’t believe I made that.

Christmas Traditions // Last year I made a video all about my favorite Christmas traditions from my childhood days up to now!

And you KNOW I love a good story or two! One year I told the story of the epic struggle of our non-professional Christmas card photo…  and who could forget the tale of my annual outdoor Christmas light tragedies! (Honestly, if you haven’t read that post, you should… it STILL makes me laugh!)

Christmas content is SO much fun to read! I, unashamedly, am absorbing it all instead of writing new blog posts 🙂

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  1. Whitney says:

    Thanks for sharing my Hostess Gift Guide! Your outdoor lights story is one of my all time favorite Christmas tragedies…and possibly the cause of your ba-humbug decorating feels! Haha!

  2. Whitney says:

    Thanks for the jingle bell wreath feature! My kids loved making them and love jingling around the house with them. They’ve been played with a ton and still look cute! That’s a winning ornament in my book 🙂

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