The Favorites Right Now // New Video

Here it is! The last of the videos recorded WAY back in February that had to do with 2017. HA! But as I review all of these favorites, they still are favorites and they still rock my socks!

Speaking of videos, what topics would you like to see? Daily Life vlogs? Mom-related things? Organizing? Stories?? Let me know!

For those of you that aren’t video people, let me recap.

Online Grocery Ordering // I mentioned this in my meal prep video last year, but honestly – if you haven’t tried online grocery ordering, whether you use Instacart, Amazon, WalMart, or your favorite local place (like Harris Teeter for me!) then what are you waiting for??? I used to be concerned that produce would be bad, but I’ve had no issues so far! I also thought this would be something I stopped using once William was a little older but nope! Just did it last week! HAHA! It’s my favorite thing.

Racerback Bras // Anyone else suffer from bra straps that slip down? I don’t know what technically causes this, but I’ve always suffered from this. It all changed last summer. I bought a dress that required a racerback bra, so I just jumped on to Amazon and bought one. And it changed. My. Life. I will never go back to regular bras. I’m not constantly doing the sneaky strap pull up anymore. It’s great!

Zero Waste  // It all started towards the end of 2017 when I was searching for ways to streamline my pantry. Somehow I got caught in a YouTube rabbit hole and next thing I know I am watching videos from Zero Wasters. Now…. a zero waster I am not. I don’t aspire to be. But the concepts around zero food waste was what intrigued me! I identify with the need to simplify what you bring into your home and trying to use up all you have.  Next thing I know I’m contemplated bulk shopping at my whole foods, simplifying the ingredients that I store in my pantry, and cooking from just a few food sources. My life has changed! If you have no clue what I’m talking about, then I suggest watching Pick Up Limes for cooking ideas around zero food waste, and also this basics video from Sustainably Vegan. The blog Litterless is also not so intimidating. But what started it all for me was watching this video from the zero waste guru herself, Bea Johnson. This is when the food thing clicked. All of these things will look SO intimidating. But if you’re interested in simplification of your food and the things you cook, there are so many good ideas buried within this zero waste movement.

Weekly Date Nights // I know I’ve talked about this before, BUT the secret to our great year last year was weekly date nights! My husband and I just buckled down and made it a priority. We put it on the calendar, found a few babysitters, and just did it. It’s so hard once you become a parent to put aside the Mommy/Daddy role and remember that you’re husband and wife! You forget to date! You forget how to flirt! Date nights have changed that for us. I know it’s hard to organize – believe me! But try to make it work if you aren’t doing this!

Our Local Library // If you’re not taking advantage of all your libraries have to offer, then shame on you! For kids, there are always story times, fun activities and just the joy of looking on the shelves and finding good books. We go every other week and it’s a highlight! And for you – check out cookbooks! Check out a good fiction! That self-help book you’ve been wanting to read? See if your library has it! Also, check and see if your library has a free e-book app. I was disappointed when I had to return a fiction book I was reading before I had finished it (darn you person who wanted to read it next!!!) but rejoiced when I found it on my library’s e-book app! I swear, I could do a whole video/blog post around the library routine we have.

If any of the above sound like you need more info let me know! Some of these could be new blog post/videos easily!

What has been bringing you joy lately?? Let me know!

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  1. Heather says:

    Yesss to all things local library! I always check if my library has it before I pay for a book. Thanks for the zero waste recs, I’ll have to check those out!

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