High Five for Friday #199 | Trick or Treat Fun!

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Happy Friday, friends! Hope you’ve had a great week.

This week we all were still battling our colds. Last week, Elizabeth was the lone soldier, so sick. This week, we all joined in on the fun! As of today, we’ve still all got stuffy noses and coughs… but at least our energy is back.

But despite the colds, we had fun!

One of the biggest things this week was that Elizabeth and I read and finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! I’m not sure what possessed me to pick up my copy and start reading it to her, but she loved it. It took us 4 days to finish it. She even paid attention and caught most of the detail. I’m so proud of her! As a treat, we’re going to watch the animated version from the 70s this afternoon. Anybody else watch that version??

On Tuesday, Elizabeth and I headed out to pick up a few extra pumpkins for decoration. Thankfully our local nursery around the corner had some GREAT ornamental ones for good prices. We also picked up a pumpkin for carving!

She gave the whole scooping thing a try for about 1 minute, and then I got the task of scooping and scraping the insides. To be honest, it’s my favorite! So I was happy to do it!

She also drew her own face with a marker, and then I cut it out. She gave her pumpkin a little hair bow on the side! HA!

So fun! Memories – check!

On Wednesday, the kids’ preschool had a little fall festival with some games. I cheerfully manned a post, with a box of tissues hiding with me.

On Wednesday evening we had a ton of fun! We had friends over for dinner, and then we all headed out to trick or treat in our neighborhood. It’s so fun watching how the kids change and grow each year. Last year we took out a wagon with us for William and his little buddy to ride in since they were a bit too small to do all that walking.

Ah…. costume pictures. I struggle to get good pictures of both kids. One is always cheesy, the other is looking away.

When we went out to take pictures, our neighbor’s grandkids showed up right at that time, so William for most of the pictures was FAR MORE interested in what they were up to! HA! So hard!!

Candy sorting… is there anything more kid-like?? Such memories of my sister and I sorting and swapping our candy the next day.

  And now, it’s time to link up your posts! Can’t wait to cruise around and see what you all have been blogging about!

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