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Happy Friday, friends! Hope you’ve had a great week.

So, #200 for High Five for Friday post-hosting around here! Hard to believe we’ve whipped through 200 here already! What a hoot!

But, as the blog post title suggests, I’m going to be stepping back and taking a break from hosting for a while. I love popping on to the blog once a week to catch up with you all and see who’s linked up, but I feel like I’m not doing this whole blogging thing well right now…. so my other three co-hosts will be carrying on and I’ll pop back for hosting at some point.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging 100%. I may do an occasional post… or even an occasional High Five for Friday! But if you come to the Cup of Tea blog to post your own H54F post, then be sure to swing over to one of the other ladies for the link up!

Ok, that’s out of the way… let’s recap this week.

Friends, we are STILL sick!!!!!!!!!!! This has been the LONGEST cold ever. Elizabeth is 100% better and has been for at least a week, but William, hubby and I are all still sniffly and coughing like crazy. Will it ever end? I’m on week 3 of not being at the gym… obnoxious!

Now that the weather is a little cooler, we can start back up our favorite tradition of a Sabbath hike after church on Saturday. We went to the woods right by our house and walked and explored and picked up leaves and through rocks and shook trees. Delightful time!!

On Sunday we walked the 2.5 mile Triangle Kidney Walk with the National Kidney Foundation. My husband is a nephrologist (kidney doc!) so naturally, we were there with quite a few co-workers. We were also walking with some church friends, celebrating a friend’s 1 year anniversary with a new kidney! Amazing! We were smart to bring the stroller. Both kids rode for most of the walk. And then they wanted to pop out right towards the end! Win! We were also “Official Stuff Carrier” for our buds. HA!

I asked this on my FB and IG pages, but what would you do???? Since I only have 30 minutes, I’d head straight to a furniture store to buy Master Bedroom furniture. Our bedroom still looks like a dorm room – always the last room to be decorated, right? What would you do?

Alright friends!!! Keep on linking up, and I’ll hope to catch up with you all again sooner rather than later 🙂

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  1. Jen says:

    So sorry you’re all sick! I got a cold over 2 weeks ago and it’s the cold that won’t quit, so I feel your pain – tis the season, ugh! That question is SO hard, but a furniture store is actually a great idea!

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