Menu Monday // Comfort Foods for Winter

Hello friends! Another start to a new week! And I am seriously shocked that we’ve entered December. With Thanksgiving so early this year, I feel like I’m just not prepared for Christmas to begin.

To intentionally slow myself down, I’m planning a month of warm, satisfying comfort foods that will nourish our hearts AND tummies. 

Menu Monday

I’ll confess, I have MISSED my Menu Monday posts. I missed the routine it created. It forced me to plan our weeks. Our home runs better when I sat, planned out a menu, ordered the groceries ahead of time, and wrote this post to connect with you. And for whatever reason, this Monday just felt like a good time to resurrect it.

If you haven’t read my Menu Monday posts before, there’s no special formula here. I just share what I’ve got planned to cook for dinners this week. Occasionally, I like to share tips for effective, efficient, simple meal planning… it’s a topic I LOVE to experiment with. But we’re keeping the routine simple today, to get back into the groove.

What are your go-to meals when you’re craving comfort foods? I tend to include meals that have cheese. And a grain. Maybe a little spice. Our typical weekly menu always includes Mexican, Italian, or Asian-inspired meals. But when we’re wanting comfort foods, I kick it up a notch.

This week I grabbed some old flavor favorites, and then threw in a new dish that helps to use up some produce from last week. A Win!

This week we’re eating:

Kale Pesto with gnocchi, served with simple roasted carrots

A simple Thai green curry with store-bought green curry paste

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas, a house favorite!

Lentil Mushroom Stew with mashed potatoes

We’ve also got our church’s Christmas party this weekend, and I’m planning on making a batch of my favorite vegetarian meatballs. I also apparently made awesome green beans last year and I’m supposed to bring that too! Just need to remember what I did HAHA! I may also whip up a batch of my Buckeyes (recipe similar here)… they freeze well!

What are you craving this week?? What’s your favorite comfort food? Share it with me in the comments! 

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  1. Colleen says:

    Hi Katie! So nice to see you back on the blog! Your menu sounds delicious! My go-to winter favorites include lasagna, shepherd’s pie, and white chicken chili.

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