Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Another Friday!  How are these weeks just zooming by??

Anyway, on to the highlights!

1. Tickets have been purchased for our July trip to Michigan for my sister’s wedding!  I’m really excited!  I’m not so excited about the 2.5 hour layover… such is life.  I’ve been strategizing sleeping strategies with Elizabeth while traveling.  She doesn’t sleep if you hold her.  It only makes her crankier!  So I’ve been debating: 1) taking a stroller so she can sleep during the layover, and 2) if I DO take a stroller, do I bring our larger Britax B-Agile, or buy an umbrella stroller that reclines….  Thoughts? Any seasoned travelers out there?  I’ve basically decided Yes to bringing a stroller.  Now it’s just deciding which option.

2. I hosted my little play group this week.  We had such a nice time! It’s so nice to look forward to a gettogether, with good friends and their babies, each week!  I’m so blessed to have them.

3. Because I had the play group over yesterday, my house is now all clean for the weekend!  Bonus!

4. I got both cars inspected.  Not really fun, but a highlight (I got out of the house, and Elizabeth got to watch the guys working on the cars).

Just 4 this week.  It was a busy week with a lot of home stuff, with not a lot to report.  Oh well! What were you up to this week??  Share! Share! Put a link in the comments if you have a similar post, and I’ll swing by and say hi!  Spread the blog love!

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  1. onehotmama2005 says:

    I think either stroller would work. They check them at the gate, so you get to use it up until you step on the plane and then it is there when you get off. 😉 Very convenient. I haven’t flown in 5ish years, but I doubt that process has changed. 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    We plan to take our umbrella stroller with is on travel requiring airplanes. It seems to collapse smaller than our other strollers and we think it will be more convenient in the airport and whatever rental car we end up with. In sure either stroller will be great. Let us know what you decide!

    • KT @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      That’s what I’m hoping! I think I’ll do the umbrella stroller. It just makes more sense. And I should be able to fold and lift it onto the security conveyor belt all one handed, by myself. *fingers crossed

  3. Jackie Houston says:

    When we traveled when my son was younger we always took our reclining umbrella stroller..it was easier to travel with because our other one is a Jeep jogging stroller so it’s a little bulky but he usually napped in fine for us and it folded up pretty easy :]

  4. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    Maybe if you are lucky, you will get a whole row of seats to yourself and baby! The last flight I took, we got a whole row! 🙂 I always travel with the umbrella stroller. It’s wonderful to have a small stroller. I also wear a backpack for all our other supplies.

  5. lemonjellycake says:

    #3 made me LOL. I hear you. I’ve literally invited friends over last minute for dinner just because the house is clean! 😉

    • KT @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      Oh no shame here! 🙂 Before everyone comes over, you’re always wrestling with yourself, annoyed, saying “Why this week??? Why did I say I’d host this week, of ALL weeks?!”, and then collapse on the sofa after it’s all done, glad you’ve had friends over! And THEN you can start the tea kettle and a Real Housewives 🙂

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