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Style Challenge 30 Outfits in 30 Days | Cup of Tea blog

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I have been so excited for this series!  I’ve had it in the works, in the back of my mind, for weeks. A few years ago, I stumbled on this challenge on other blogs.  Let me share it with you!

  • Pick 30 items from your current wardrobe (this includes shoes, jewelry and handbags!)
  • Create 30 outfits from those items
  • Commit to 30 days
  • Post each as an #OOTD (outfit of the day)

So, when you’re done, you’ve styled 30 separate outfits from your own closet!  Imagine the freedom – no longer looking at your clothes and thinking “I’ve got nothing to wear!”.  You’ll be able to look at everything with fresh eyes! Challenge accepted! In all honesty, this is the perfect time to do this.  I hate summer.  I hate typical summer clothes (shorts, tank tops, etc) and would prefer to be in my fall/winter clothes year-round (I should move to Iceland).  So this challenge will really stretch me. Now, I’m a stay-at-home mom, so my outfits need to be, for the most part, casual.  In other words, washable.  Spit up and poop don’t do well with “dry clean only”.  But I’m the kind of girl that HAS to get dressed and do my make up every day, so these need to be outfits I’d go out and run errands in, no problem.  Mom Style…. that’s styled! So, here’s the schedule for the next 30 days:

  • Each Thursday there will be a post on the last 7 days’ outfits, including what items I wore, and what I thought about each outfit (comfy, wrinkly… you get the picture)
  • Each day I’ll post the day’s outfit on both my Instagram and Twitter!  So follow!

Got it? Good! So, here are the 30 items I pulled from my closet. 20140611-205507-75307799.jpg It looks so pretty all piled up like that!  At least there is color!  (I’m surprised it didn’t end up as all navy stripes…) I’ll try my best to link to what is CURRENTLY available.  So many of these items are old as the hills.


Short Sleeved Tops and Tanks

From L to R: Teal Polo, Liz Clairborne at Costco (Similar or This One)| Sleeveless White Tank, J Crew (Old, Similar) | Stripped Tee, J Crew (Old, Similar)| White Tee, Target | Hot Pink (Similar) and Brown Polka Dot (Similar) Tees, Ann Taylor LOFT Factory Store


Long Sleeved Shirts

Clockwise: Chambray and Blue Plaid Collared Camp Shirts, Tommy Hilfiger from Costco (Similar)|  Lace Top, Old (Similar) | Navy Striped Shirt, Ann Taylor LOFT (Similar) | Light Blue Top, Francesca’s (This one is cute!)


Dresses & Skirts

L to R: Sleeveless Blue Tank Dress, Banana Republic FACTORY (Old, Similar)| Striped Fit and Flare Dress, Old Navy (Different Color) | Melon Pencil Skirt, J Crew Factory (Different Colors) | Chambray Mini Skirt, Banana Republic FACTORY (Similar)


Jackets & Sweaters

Clockwise: Denim Jacket, Levi’s from Costco (Similar) | White Sweater with Floral Collar, Anthropologie (Old)| Navy Blazer, Target | Melon Sweater, Land’s End (Similar)


Pants & Shorts

L to R: Bootcut Jeans, Ann Taylor LOFT | Pink Shorts, Old Navy | Skinny Jeans, Motherhood Maternity (yep, can’t find better-fitting skinny jeans…)


Clockwise: Navy Striped Wedges, Target | Pink Leather Purse, Kate Spade FACTORY (Similar or Love This)| Black Wedges, Target (Old, Similar) | Flower Necklace (Similar) and Pearl Bow Necklace (Similar), Forever 21 | Blue Dot Flats, Forever 21 | Pink Sandals, Target (Similar)

My 30th item is my Skip Hop French Stripe diaper bag, that I use on a daily basis.  That’s how I knew I entered Mommyhood – when my regular handbags just weren’t cutting it in the “schleping baby stuff around” department.

  I am so looking forward to this challenge!  Putting the outfits together will be a challenge!  Taking the pictures will be a challenge!  Keeping up with it will be a challenge!  Can’t wait! If you’d like to see other 30 day style challenges, here are my favorites:×30-challenge/×30-remix.html×30-outfit-challenge.html×30-challenge/

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Some seriously cute clothes! I often think I can get rid of at least half of my wardrobe and 90% of my shoes… if I had to, lol.
    I’m your opposite when it comes to summer, though. If I could move somewhere perpetually warm and take my family (and education) with me, I would.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      Thanks Jennifer! I’m hoping they all come together to make the 30 outfits…. it may be a stretch, and I may look a little funky at the end 🙂 Oh man, move down here to NC if you’d like perpetually warm 🙂 I loved summers in the Midwest, but summers in the South are no joke!

  2. Jackie Houston says:

    Love your style..and those striped wedges I spotted. I felt the same way when I start using a diaper bag lol I knew I entered mommyhood. It took me FOREVER to find one that I liked ..I finally found a Steve Madden one that didn”t look like a typical diaper bag exactly what I was looking for! I still try to use my Micheal Kors when we go out but it usually just doesn’t cut it and ends up over stuffed with baby items and toddler snacks.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      Thanks Jackie! I love my diaper bags, but I do cry a little when I try to cram all the baby essentials into a normal handbag, and it just doesn’t cut it…. Oh well. Maybe I should start saving for the “you’re out of the diaper bag phase!” handbag collection? 🙂

      • Tif @ Bright on a Budget says:

        I love the clothes and accessories you’ve chosen for you challenge! Can’t wait to see how you pair them.

        Also, as for the diaper bag dilemma, I found it easier to toss what Kane needs into a Thirty-One Gifts Zipper Pouch or one of their smaller utility totes like the Keep It Caddy. This allows me to still carry my cute handbags too!


        • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

          Thanks Tif! This is definitely going to be a challenge for me! I’m on day 4 and I feel like I’m quickly approaching the end of my safe outfits 🙂

          Great idea about the diaper bag alternative! I’ve also been thinking about using a pretty leather tote and keeping baby things organized in various ziplock bags. I’m experimenting with an upcoming trip.

          But I miss my normal handbags!!!!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love this idea! I still haven’t had the heart to get rid of — or pack away my suits, now that I’m a stay-at-home mom. And, my casual clothes section of the closet is really limited. Thank you for providing motivation to look at my wardrobe and see what outfits are “possible!”

  4. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    You have some super cute clothes to wear! I hope this challenge makes you feel gorgeous as a woman and also as a mama! 🙂 Have tons of fun!

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