Hey Hey! It’s Friday!

Friday Friday Friday!! Β And an extra special one because it’s Labor Day weekend! (Right?? This is what happens when you aren’t working in an office, you loose track of holidays)

Hopefully you have fun weekend plans!

1. Last week, the husband came home with a spontaneous Google Chromebook purchase. Nice! I’ve been using it almost exclusively for blogging and consulting work, and it’s fabulous! It’s nice to sit at the kitchen table to do work. The chairs are MUCH more comfortable πŸ™‚

As demonstrated, in action, from one of this week’s Instagram pics:


2.Β I mentioned in Wednesday’s post that I hit a bit of a rut, blog-wise. I still feel “ruttish” (new word. Claim it.), but think I figured out why. It feels like I’ve hit a wall with my Amateur Hour period and I need to step up my game. It feels intimidating. Β I think that’s what’s causing the rut. It will hopefully shift from rut to motivation!

3. Elizabeth and I spent so much time LAUGHING this week! True belly laughs. She’s learned to clap, which is pretty cute! But she’s also learned to say “mamamamama” in a cranky voice. Sigh…. But back to the laughing. I’m not sure WHY this photo cracks me up, but I can’t stop laughing when I see it! Elizabeth’s face is so funny, and then there is Sophie the Giraffe, perfectly in focus!

Elizabeth and Sophie

4. We did a little reno on one of our front yard flower beds. And by “we”, I mean our lawn/landscaper guys did it. It looks awesome! All of our mulch around the entire house needed replaced because it had this CRAZY artillery fungus, and it was shooting little black spores all over our house and car! So while the mulch was being replaced, we decided to clean up a neglected bed. There are new roses, camellias, and azaleas. It looks so spiffy! (And am I the only one that loves the smell of fresh mulch?) In the Spring we’ll plant some more annuals, but for now, it’s nice.

New Landscaping

5. Our 5 month old niece is getting dedicated this Sunday! So exciting! I love a good family gathering!!

So that’s it! A bit of a ramble today πŸ™‚ My mind is everywhere!

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments below! Β Have a great weekend!

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  1. Tif says:

    Happy Friday! Your new landscaping looks great! Elizabeth looks adorable in her pic! Can she say “no” yet? Kane hasn’t, and I’m perfectly okay with that.haha I’m sure he’ll say it enough when he gets older. Have a great weekend!

    Also, I’m brainstorming maybe doing a small group giveaway on Rafflecopter. Let me know if you’d be interested. The giveaway is just an html code, so it’s something that everyone who participated could use on their site. I’m thinking some sort of fall update–something like a scarf and necklace? Let me know what you think.

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      Thanks! Elizabeth can’t say no, but she can shake her head back and forth. I’m thinking it’s not necessarily her saying No (I hope!) but it is funny.

      I’d definitely be interested in the giveaway! Keep me posted!!

  2. comehomeforcomfort says:

    I hear ya, this is the first Labor Day in 8 years that I’ve not been working in an office. Kinda anti-climactic!

    My hubs bought me a Chromebook 2 years ago when they first came out, and I love mine! It’s still going strong!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      It’s so funny how the holidays just sneak up on me! Unless there is major planning involved (like Easter or Christmas), I miss them all! I can never figure out why no one is in town! haha

      So glad your Chromebook is still doing great things 2 years later! It’s such a handy little thing!!

      Have a great weekend!!

  3. Alicia says:

    Hope you have a great holiday weekend! This week our baby music class started back up and next week story time resumes after a summer break. It’s like back to school for babies! πŸ˜‰

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      Back to school for babies! Love it! I was looking into those types of classes in our area just a few weeks ago. I actually was thinking I needed to lightly schedule in some regular activities for Elizabeth and me this Fall.

  4. Miljoy says:

    Laughing with babies is the best. That’s is a great picture of Elizabeth! And Sophie does make it funnier haha. Also yay for landscaping! I miss our Michigan garden, sigh.

  5. lemonjellycake says:

    I am so jealous of your beautiful flower bed!! Our gardens look horrible, horrible, horrible. I wasn’t expecting them to look great this year . . . I knew I wouldn’t have time to maintain anything, but it’s still so sad to see everything taken over by weeds (some of which are taller than me, horrible was not an exaggeration). I think if I had it in the budget to hire professionals I totally would. It seems worth it to me!

    My hubs and I were just discussing when to dedicate Micah. We’ve been holding off, waiting until our church finds the new pastor, but I don’t want to wait as long as I did with Wendy because she was old enough to be shy and overwhelmed. πŸ™‚ (She started crying for “Mommom” during the prayer, hah!)

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog says:

      I absolutely HATE yard work, so we needed a yard guy πŸ˜‰ he’s awesome! He’s actually an agriculture student and has been running his own landscape business since he was a teenager. It feels good to support him!

      I do wish we had done Elizabeth’s dedication a little earlier for the exact reason you mentioned. Oh well! Memories will be made, regardless. Right?? Haha

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