Fresh Tomato Pesto | A Recipe from the Archives


I’m sharing another Cup of Tea recipe favorite from the archives! If you make this, you’ll want to eat this tomato pesto on everything, not just on pasta.


This recipe.

This recipe is delicious.

I’ve been making this pesto for years. I actually prefer this tomato-based pesto more than the traditional basil and pine nut version.

And bonus? You can actually make this pesto faster than it takes to cook your pasta!



I love cherry tomatoes, and this recipe is a quick way to use up a bunch if you’ve had some sitting around for a while. OR, if you’re like me, you bought a big giant container of it at Costco because your eyes were bigger than your stomach, and you just can’t eat them all.

Yep. I do that all the time.

You can read the original post for the full recipe, and then whip up a batch of this delicious tomato pesto for dinner tonight!

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  1. Kiki says:

    I am always on the hunt for new Italian recipes! I feel like it’s such a fun food culture to play with Since really everything works on pasta. (; Always in the mood for new dishes so I’m heading over to your Pinterest board right now!

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