Welcoming William | My Labor & Delivery Story

Anyone else love hearing about how a baby came into the world? You always hope for smooth, speedy deliveries for friends, so it’s fun to hear how it all went down… or came out…

If you’re nosy like me, then I have a story for you!

Baby William is here!

Monday, May 23, was a weird day. I woke up with a random BURST of energy! This entire pregnancy I was dragging and could barely muster the strength to unload the dishwasher. But that morning I was feeling great! So I vacuumed. And did 2 loads of laundry. And mopped the floors.

And cleaned the bathrooms.

All that nesting should have been my first sign.

The second sign was that Elizabeth asked specifically to watch the Daniel Tiger episode where his baby sister is born. Even she knew it would be an eventful day!

By evening I was still feeling normal. My husband left to work a late shift at the hospital, and I settled into a night of working ahead on blog stuff, editing videos, etc. I was REALLY productive! I bounded downstairs at about 10pm ready to settle in to a short show while I waited for my husband to come back home at 11.

I popped into the bathroom. After I finished, I stood up and felt a pop. Then water absolutely flowing out! So I plopped back on the toilet and just stared at myself in the mirror. With Elizabeth, my water didn’t really break until I went to the doctor for a check to see if I was in labor. This was absolutely my water breaking! Panic! Now what???

I spent about 5 minutes talking to myself in the mirror. “This can’t possibly be my water right? I’m not ready! I can’t believe this is happening now. Is this happening? When is my husband getting home??” I realized I needed to get to my phone in the kitchen somehow, but every time I attempted to stand up, the water kept coming! (TMI yet?)

After a few minutes of strategizing, I grabbed a handful of toilet paper and made a run for the phone! I made it back to the toilet and texted my husband with a calm message. “COME HOME NOW! MY WATER HAS BROKEN! THIS IS NOT A JOKE!”

About 2 minutes later he came home (good timing!). He found me on the toilet and we talked strategy. He immediately went into Doctor mode, while I went in to Mom mode. He started wondering about timing of when to go to the hospital once the water breaks. I worried about who would watch Elizabeth! After some texts and calls we got the info we needed. Elizabeth could go to a friend’s house nearby until my Mother-in-Law could come the next day. And I was to come to the hospital by 2am if there were no contractions.

Elizabeth thankfully was pretty happy to have a sleep over at a friend’s house! One hurdle done!

After watching several shows on Netflix, laying on the floor, it was 2am and there were no real contractions yet. So we hauled in to the hospital.

From about 2-5am there wasn’t much going on. I laid on my hospital bed watching the clock tick, trying to decide if my quiet contractions were anything to write home about. They weren’t…. so it was decided that I would need pitocin to get things moving along, as the baby was hanging out without fluid. And since pitocin makes things REALLY intense, I also opted to get an epidural. I got both of those at around 5:30am.

And then…. we waited some more! My sweet husband caught some zzzzs while I stared at the wall clock again. I am a horrible napper! Plus, every time I dozed off, the blood pressure cuff turned on… so sleeping was pretty pointless.

By about 11:30am I noticed that I could start feeling contractions again, and they were more intense. Instead of muscles tightening it was more like pressure. Really wild stuff! The doctor checked and wouldn’t you know? I was 10 cm dilated! Hooray! When I started pushing with Elizabeth, I couldn’t feel a thing. They kept telling me HOW to push… but I truly couldn’t tell if I was doing anything right. This time, there was no doubt about what to do. Isn’t the body a wild thing?

After a few decent pushes, William was born at 12:28pm on May 24!

Other than the long periods of boredom (and starvation!!!) it was a really easy labor and delivery!

I got to go home in the afternoon of May 25. So I was in the hospital just one complete night. In hindsight I should have stayed one more night, because what I came home to was a very sick toddler who wanted nothing to do with anyone except her mommy. Understandable! But it was a lot to handle… constant runny noses AND constant newborn feedings.

But at least Elizabeth was excited about her baby Brother!


Two weeks later, and I’m basically back to normal. Elizabeth is back to normal too and is her normal, happy, sweet self! William is still constantly eating, but that’s a newborn’s life… My husband and I even managed a quick date night last Friday! A win!

We’re slowly but surely getting used to life as a family of 4!

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  1. Jaelan says:

    Oh my gosh. Did you know that I read birth stories all day yesterday? 😛 I was happy to see this one today.

    So happy he’s here and everyone is happy and healthy. YAY for date night!

  2. Whitney says:

    Yay! You crack me up with your nosiness confessions…I’m right there with you! 🙂 So glad it was relatively easy (as easy as pushing a human out of your body can be!) and that everyone is healthy!!

  3. Beverly says:

    Yay! I’m happy it was an easy delivery for you! Mom said they had to take me early, so no water breaking there. But, with my sister, Mom’s water broke while she was sleeping. Imagine waking up to a wet bed?!! Yikes! Those babies come when they’re ready!

  4. Christina says:

    Congratulations! William is a beautiful baby. I’m happy to hear that you had a smooth delivery. I have to admit that the episode of Daniel Tiger when Margaret is born is probably my favorite. Sad reality when you’re walking around the house singing “WE REALLY LOVE YOUR BABY!”

  5. Michelle says:

    Wow I would have panicked too if my water broke and no one was there. You are a trooper. Glad everything went well and all is happy around home.

  6. Whitney Jordan says:

    Yay!! I laughed at your mirror self talk when your water broke! My water never broke on its own so I imagine myself having those same pep talks if it were to happen at home. Things definitely get tricky when you’re trying to make plans for big sister. Glad you had local friends to help you out and that things went so smoothly at the hospital. Hope you’re all doing well and I need to get busy and finish Fletcher’s birth story ASAP.

  7. Amanda Bullard says:

    Your story is very similar to my little guy’s. I’m so glad William is here and is healthy and your family is adjusting well. I remember those first few weeks of having a sort of jealous little lady in the house with a new baby! Yay for being back to your new normal.

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