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Welcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by me, BeckyTif, and Della! Come, read up on what we’ve been up to this week and get to know some amazing bloggers down below!

Happy H54F Friendship Day!!

I can’t wait to see your stories about friendships you’ve made because of the High Five for Friday link up!

1. When I first started linking up to the H54F link up I was a newbie blogger. I decided to start linking up mainly to meet other bloggers. I’m pretty sure that Tif was one of the first that I stumbled upon and started to get to know! And then I found Della, and then Becky! This was all BEFORE we took over this link up. Isn’t that crazy? There are so many of you that I’ve known from the beginning of my blogging days and then even MORE of you I’ve gotten to know since we took over H54F.

I just love that the blogging world brings us all together and fosters such fun friendships.

I wish I had the chance to meet you all in person! Tif and I often plan a H54F retreat. One day…

So far I’ve had the chance to meet Whitney over at Come Home for Comfort! It was last year actually! I was super pregnant with William. Whitney and I met in Charlotte to attend a women’s conference. The conference was great! But honestly – hanging with Whitney was THE BEST! It was one of those “I feel like I know you even though I don’t know you” meetings. We giggled, shared stories, quoted The Office, and moved from Blogger Buddies to friends in real life. So fun!!!

2. On to this week! It was SUCH a full week. I need a vacation. Last weekend it was jam-packed. Saturday we went to church and then took our friends to downtown Durham for lunch at our favorite kid-friendly pizza place and then a quick walking tour of downtown. We had SUCH hometown pride!  If you didn’t know, Durham is called the Bull City, thanks to a tobacco company’s marketing campaign (irony that Durham, known for Duke University and their healthcare is a former tobacco town!). So there is a HUGE bull statue (anatomically correct, mind you) right in the center of town. On the way home for our lunch, Elizabeth said in the car that the bull had a “big poop!”.

And then Sunday we had 2 kid birthday parties, back-to-back! Needless to say, by the time we got towards the end of party #2, Elizabeth was beat, William was screaming, and my husband was going to jump in the car and head home. We were just EXHAUSTED! It made for some early bed times, though.

3.  Tuesday we had a great morning at a park launching rockets, picking flowers and walking trails with friends! I love it when Elizabeth has someone to explore with.

4. Wednesday we drove to a city splash park to check it out! It actually opened up last year but with a new baby and huge crowds, I wasn’t willing to go. But it was super quiet and chill this week. It was a lot of fun! William wasn’t too pleased with the whole thing, but Elizabeth had a BLAST!

Summer means running around in the sprinklers. #splashpad #summerfun

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5. The weekly vlog is coming! It’s been SUCH a busy week that I haven’t had a chance to edit it yet! It will probably happen today 🙂 But I’m thinking the weekly vlog will go live, from now on, on Fridays. If you haven’t seen last week’s video, it was a good one!

Today’s featured blogger is Danielle from Sparkles and Lattes! She’s a wife and a mommy to twin girls! So you know she’s got a busy life! She JUST celebrated her 34th birthday this week, so you can get to know her really well with 34 facts about her! Swing over to say hello and make a new H54F friend! 🙂

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Jess says:

    PLEASE plan a H54F retreat because that would be amazing! haha And I was totally wondering why bulls are associated with Durham (I immediately thought of Bull Durham when I saw your bull pic), so thanks for clearing that up! 😀

  2. Whitney says:

    YES to a H54F retreat!! I will be there!! We really need to get together again anyway – it’s been too long since our epic first office quoting-politics discussing meeting! 🙂

  3. Trista says:

    And I thought I had a busy week!! It sounds like lots of fun happened though, so that’s good! The splash park looks like fun. I wish we had one close by!! Happy Friday!

  4. Ashley S. says:

    The bull had a big poop! I am laughing so hard over here! Too funny! Please plan a H54F retreat. It would be so amazing to get to meet everyone in real life! 🙂 Have a fabulous week!

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