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This week we had just a wonderful, normal week! It was one of those weeks where we just declared “play time!” when we should have been a bit more productive, but who cares.

1. We had a VERY busy Saturday! We had our usual church activities in the morning, but then Elizabeth and I headed right out afterward for a Mommy-Daughter event! A local school was performing Beauty and the Beast and we went! It was so much fun! Elizabeth was just thrilled to be there. She brought her own little Belle doll and gasped when she saw all the high school kids in costume. It was so sweet to spend that time with her. And then Saturday night the kids gathered for fun together at one house while we parents gathered at another house for a game night! We had a great time! Our throats were are sore at the end. And we needed a quiet Sunday!! It took us until about Wednesday to recover around here.

2. At my Bible study this week, we discussed what quiet time looks like when you have little ones. We sometimes have built up expectations that quiet time should be at least 30 minutes, alone and quiet, where you have engaged prayer time with in-depth Bible study. Most days, that’s just not realistic around here! We shared some ideas and I have some strong thoughts around this. But I want to know – whether you have little ones or not, what does quiet time look like for you? Even if you’re not doing Bible reading and prayer, what does quiet time look like in your house?

3. I discovered the best way to clean with William! I don’t know why it took me so long to figure this out. I don’t ever use our broom… I prefer to use the vacuum on our hardwood floors. But I pulled out the broom to sweep the floor and carpet in the kitchen. I let William use the little handheld vacuum to suck up all the dirt piles! He thought this was the BEST idea ever!

4. Anyone started planning the summer yet??? I can’t believe we’ve got just one month of preschool left and that summer is just around the corner. We had a GREAT summer last year, and it was down to the fun activities we had planned ahead of time….. what did you do last summer that was a lot of fun? Give me ideas!

5. Lately, I’ve been refining how I meal plan and cook meals. A blog post is brewing in my brain! I can’t wait to share my thoughts on this. BUT I’ve been having fun creating meals based on the ingredients I’ve prepped earlier in the week. Dinners come together faster and it stretches my creativity. This week I had several meals where I sauteed sweet potatoes, onion, black beans and spinach with some scrambled egg and made burritos. So delicious!!!

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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