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This week DRAGGED on and on and on and on! Usually, my weeks fly by. But this week? I don’t know why it was a-creeping.

One project I worked on for several days was a giant toy purge! Technically I sorted the keeps and the purges last week, but this week, while Elizabeth was at summer camp, I was determined to get the purges out of the house.

Instead of doing a Goodwill-style drop and run, I opted to post the toys on our local free swap Facebook group! I figured there would be people who would be interested in the various toys I had.

Word to the wise, if you EVER do this, limit yourself to no more than 20 at a time.

I made the mistake of posting over 60 items! It was SO hard to manage! I spent several hours answering comments, figuring out who wanted what, bagging up items, and coordinating pick up times. Thankfully, every person just picked up the items off my front porch, so I didn’t need to drive around town. But still… it was too much.

But now we’re lighter! We had such a backlog of baby toys that we’ve outgrown.

Next up is a little play room makeover and a revamp of our toy swap system!

Another tip, if you’re planning on purging and taking photos of things to post – try not to have a helper! Every single toy I laid out to snap a picture of, William wandered over and said “ooooo! Yay!” haha! I had to crop his feet out of so many pictures!

One of my favorite traditions this summer has been going to the little Hub Farm to pick up our CSA bag! William has got the hang of it now, and we always check on the chickens, ducks and veggies. It’s so sweet watching him zoom around remembering all the fun things. And I enjoy our little walk back to the farm.

Speaking of William, if you don’t have a small hand vacuum at your house, I demand that you order this one from Amazon ASAP. It’s lightweight, easy to clean and charge, and little guys can clean up messes they make when they knock over their big sister’s potted plant. Oops!

Elizabeth has had two fun things recently! She started ballet classes last week! She loves it! But she has also declared that she loves gymnastics more because “I can play on the equipment”. Totally get it. And yes, the ballet studio and hallway is always that messy. The first week I spent the class time throwing away trash. Ick.

She also asked to start reading on her own… now…. I often romanticized the idea of homeschooling. And then we would have a bad day, and I declared “no!”. Well, trying to teach Elizabeth how to read was one of those “no!” moments in the homeschooling debate. BUT, she has been steadily clicking away at reading some old Dick & Jane stories! She has already completed one book, and moved into another one! Truly without much help from parentals. She is just so stinking proud of herself!

In other news, I splurged and bought myself an Apple Watch Series 1 from Walmart. I thought it would be fun to track heart rate, workouts, etc. But now I’ve got a mini-phone on my wrist that bings. Also, I can’t disconnect it from my husband. We share an apple account, which in all other ways is super handy. But now I’m tracking his workouts too! HAHA!

And now, it’s time to link up your posts! Can’t wait to cruise around and see what you all have been blogging about!

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    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      It takes such a long time to sort through everything… Ideally I’d do it regularly, but it’s hard to do when there are little eyes everywhere!

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