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Cardio, Cab and a Keyboard // Currently August
Love a good ol’ round up of favs in the moment. And Amanda always makes me chuckle! Seriously, LOL humor!

Coast to Coast // A Better Makeup Bag
This intrigued me! I love getting a peek into people’s storage and bags. I’m also in the market for an updated makeup/travel bag too! 

Cheryl Shops // Get the Look: White Blouse and Kick Flare Jeans
Looking for a fun, transitional outfit to move you through summer into early fall? Here’s one!

Who had a great week?? Ours just flew by! I’m shocked we only have a few weeks left until preschool starts back up after Labor Day. I’m excited but also a little bummed another summer is almost over. Each summer gets better and better!

Last weekend we had a quick trip up to Virginia Beach to visit with my in laws! We had such a fabulous time. It was quick – we had to get back Sunday night for my husband’s early start on Monday. But it was definitely quality time!

The kids played SO hard! William skipped his naps, and I was hoping that they would be so tired that on Sunday morning they would sleep in! But, alas, Sunday morning, 6:15am, Elizabeth shouted “I have to go potty!” and that started the wake up process. I told them they had to stay in their room a little longer (please! let me have a coffee first!), but shortly after, Elizabeth shouted again!

She said “Mom! William is out of his bed!

I ran up there, opened the door, and found William, face down on the floor, head under the bed, still zipped up in his sleep sack, lying so still! I was nervous he actually hurt himself climbing out of the pack n play (he’s never done that before!). As I walked closer, he started to chuckle, and then sat up and said “Hi momma!”. 

Stinker 🙂

BUT our car ride home was pretty quiet.

This week we had adventures at the gym, the backyard, and a last ballet class. Generally just taking it slow. Not trying to pack in a million adventures… just enjoying each day.

Speaking of gym, I’ve really gotten into this whole gym thing. I find myself pretty darn excited to go each day. I’ve even been more mindful of what I have been eating during the day. We generally are healthy eaters, but portions can be crazy.

I did manage to eat just half of my dinner during date night this week! Non-scale victory!

I’ve got leftovers for today! Win!

Not pictures: the dessert I ate. Completely. No splitting HA!

And now, it’s time to link up your posts! Can’t wait to cruise around and see what you all have been blogging about!

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