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H54F Link Up Hosts - Tif, Katie, Caitlin & DellaWelcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by Katie, Caitlin, Tif and Della! If you want to know more, read about it here!

First off, CONGRATULATIONS to Becky at BYBMGΒ for winning the $100 Target gift card (lucky!). Thank you all who linked up with us last week. It was such a fun time making the rounds, reading your posts and saying hi!

This week our first blog feature is Amanda at Kids & Cabernet! Β I know last week I really loved her OOTD picture (the bag and bracelets were amazing!) on her Friday post! Not to mention that she’s also watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! (Are we the only ones??) Be sure to swing by and say hi!kidsandcabernet

Alright! Changing gears. Here’s what I was up to this week!

1. Last weekend we went up to Virginia Beach to visit the in laws and to go to the Auto Show. We had a nice time! The auto show was pretty small compared to others I’ve been to, but it just meant we zoomed through it faster. Every time my husband and I go to a car show, we always give ourselves some pre-planning, to make sure we have our list of must sees. Β You know you’re getting older when your list includes “Sit in all the minivans”. Ha!

While we were gone, Nana got to watch Elizabeth. Apparently Elizabeth had a dance party, and really likes Keith Urban.

Elizabeth enjoying her play time with Nana with Mommy & Daddy were at the Auto Show

2. While up at my in laws, we snagged their cable user name log in info so that I could live stream the Ohio State game Monday. And YAY! Go BUCKS! I was one pleased (and shocked!) Buckeye. My family was just group texting the entire game. And Tuesday I declared a national holiday because I needed a day to gloat.

Final score of the first national championship game

Duck Soup

Ok, I’m done.

3. Anyone else have dreary, cold weather this week? Yesterday afternoon was the first day it wasn’t raining or freezing and I thought I saw every neighbor outside walking their dog with a spring in their step. I’ve had serious cabin fever all week.

4. It’s been a great week for cleaning and organizing. Bad week for blogging. I’m hoping to catch up on some future posts over the weekend, and try to work a week ahead! But when one job is up (cleaning!) another goes down…

5. Yesterday I made spontaneous plans to meet a sweet friend at our library for the music and story time. She made it there before I did and called to tell me that the library was on a 2 hour delay because of “inclement weather”. WHAT??? The roads were perfectly dry and it was 40 degress. Come on, North Carolina! So we just turned around and had a play date at my house instead! It was such fun watching Elizabeth follow around her 2 year old friend! She was always right behind him whenever he moved on to another toy πŸ™‚ I love play/mommy dates!!

So that’s some of the MANY random things that happened this week! I can’t wait to hear about your week!

Fellow bloggers – ready to join in the link up? In case there’s anyone new to the game, here’s what you do!

Just write a blog post about 5 things that made this week awesome! It could be 5 memories, 5 pairs of shoes you wore, 5 “good job” comments you got, or 5 pieces of chocolate you scarfed down when no one was looking.

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  1. Emily says:

    Hi Katie. I’m linking up for the first time. Thank you for hosting. Congratulations on the Buckeye win! I grew up in Nebraska where football is also a big deal, so I can relate. Loved the cartoon!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Welcome, Emily!! Thanks so much for linking up! And woohoo for the Big Ten!! It’s so nice that we are all die hard fans in the Midwest πŸ™‚

  2. Heather says:

    It’s been raining, but I’m thankful for Florida weather right now. Congrats on the Buckeye win!! Yay for Library dates, stinks they had a delay opening due to the “weather”. Have a great weekend!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      We had a lot of rain here too, so I’m thinking a lot of our weather delays were because of wet weather and cold temps overnight. But sheesh! Have a great weekend yourself!!!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Ah…. summer. I love winter weather, but now that I’ve got a toddler that needs to be out and about, I really miss the warmer weather πŸ™‚ I’m hoping to try the library again this week! Fingers crossed.

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