Menu Monday #36


Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! We had two late nights eating and visiting with friends. So much fun! But I think we all need a weekend from our weekend. HA!

Welcome to this week’s menu! I have one of my favorite meals on the menu – veggie chicken with a mushroom cream sauce. It’s so tasty! I grew up eating meat, and chicken is the one thing I find myself craving every once in a while. This veggie chicken is so yummy and hits the spot when I’m seeking a meat fix…. weird phrasing, I know, but hopefully the sentiment comes through.

For more information on how I menu plan, look at this. But if this is your first time reading a Menu Monday post, this is where I post what we’ve got on our dinner menu for the week. And, as always, I have links to as many recipes as I can reference. Some, though, are just “open a can” or “microwave that”, or my own DIY.

Easy Vegetarian Meatballs

Veggie Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce
(My own little DIY, but I use these for the veggie chicken)

Mexican Lasagna

Big salad of some sort. I’m just feeling like salad!

Friday (Soup Night):
Black Bean Soup with Corn Bread
(From the Fields of Greens cookbook, but adapted recipe here)



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  1. Whitney says:

    Mexican lasagna is always yummy. I was craving salads this week, but the produce was kind of meh at the store today. I guess I’ll have to push the salad idea to next week 🙂

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