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The Sequin NotebookThis week’s featured blog is The Sequin Notebook! Two friends with a blog has got to mean good times! These girls write about all my favorites things in a blog – fashion, beauty, every day awesome, and DIY! Did you see their photos from their Oscar Party? So fun!!! Swing by and check them out!

Here’s what I was up to this week:

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1. Elizabeth got sick this week, so we spent quite a bit of time staying quiet and lounging on the couch, watching Daniel Tiger. She is quite the little TV junkie… and I’m sure she would watch it all day, every day, if I let her. Like Mother, like Daughter.

2. I revolutionized Elizabeth’s world when I dug up an old iPod Touch (remember when those things were, like, awesome??). She’s been toting that thing around all week. And then, woah. Mommy found Daddy’s old blackberry, with actual buttons. Heaven!

3. I saw this pop up on my Instagram feed, and it just hit home. This year I’ve been involved in a Bible study where we’ve been talking about prayer and how to have a richer prayer life. I have a good, casual, “chat with God every day” kind of prayer life, but I rarely pray what’s on my heart, and don’t like to give up control. My more serious prayers sound something like “God, here’s what I’d like done, and I think it’s for the best. Sound good? Please agree with me, thanks”. And it’s all because I don’t like to hear “no”. I needed to be reminded this week that even if God says “no”, it’s because He’s got a bigger plan, with something amazing later for me. And even if I get “no”, He still listened and loved me enough to answer.

4. Anyone else get some snow this week? I sort of scoffed at the weather men that said “North Carolina should expect 6-8″ overnight” on Wednesday, but I hate to miss a “stock up on supplies” run pre-weather event. So Elizabeth and I, along with all other Durham-ites, hit the grocery store Wednesday to buy ice cream and donuts – the essentials. And, just in case, I made brownies….. smart.

5.  But, lo and behold, the weathermen were right! On Thursday, we woke up to the prettiest snow fall I’ve seen in a while! It was such fun enjoying the peace and silence that snow brings.

So what were you up to this week??? I want to know!

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    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      She is feeling a little better this morning, thank goodness! And I don’t know why it took me this long to think of digging up old phones, but I’m so pleased with the results 😉

  1. M says:

    Thank you so much for featuring us this week!! And your brownie stock up makes total sense to me – definitely an essential 😉 Such a good idea with the old iphone and blackberry – I need to try and dig mine up bc I know my little guy will go nuts for all of those buttons too! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Glad you were featured!!!! And yes, playing with the old iPod and Blackberry were so smart! Better than playing with my iPhone 🙂 Have a great weekend yourself!

  2. Heather says:

    You guys look like an ad sitting on the couch, so cute! Stinks she hasn’t been feeling well, hope she’s feeling better now! Those yummy sweets look so delicious and perfect for a snow day! Happy Friday!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      They WERE perfect for the snow day 🙂 Donuts do not last long in this house, so those are no more. But still plenty of ice cream and brownies for the weekend! Have a great weekend!!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Snow always looks so pretty when it’s untouched. Then, the minute people start walking in it or driving in it, the prettiness is gone… then I’m over it 🙂 Glad you girls were the featured blog this week!

  3. Emily says:

    So glad you were able to get the essentials before the snow came. 😉 It is no fun when the little ones don’t feel well. I hope she is doing better. Thanks for the reminder about prayer. Sometimes it is so hard to give up control, even though I know it is the best thing to do.

  4. Rachel says:

    It’s so hard to take “no” for an answer sometimes! Because we obviously know better than God what’s best for us, right?! 😉 Love your snow day essentials!! So yummy! xx

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