Wrapping Up the Summer Vacation To Do List 2015


A list of fun things to do this summer, full of activities that are free and toddler friendly

Umm…. so Fall officially started today? Say what??? Guess it’s a good time to wrap up the Summer To Do List!

But first, a note about the whole to do list/bucket list thing… this falls into the category of “I really wish I was that girl that could set these goals and accomplish them!”. You’ll see soon, but I basically failed at this task. I have reasons – but the goal of a to do list is to check things off… which I didn’t….

Anyway, here’s what did/didn’t happen.

Summer to Do List Wrap Up

What we did do:
Visit the Farmer’s Market & Schedule Hookie Weekends | We had several hookie weekends, but one of them included a trip to the Farmer’s Market. And we also got to go to the Market in my parents’ town while we were up in Michigan.

Go to the Zoo | After I made this blog post graphic, I completely forgot that we went to the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan, while we were visiting my parents! I decided that it was a dumb idea to try the “Visit the Zoo” in NC during the summer… that seems like a better Fall/Winter activity… But if you haven’t seen the vlog of our trip to the Binder Park Zoo, check it out. We fed giraffes!!

Road Trip | We did several road trips, some long, some short. But the longest was our trip to Columbus, and then Michigan, in early June!

Have Date Nights | My husband and I did a few “at home” date nights over the summer. We decided to eat dinner together once Elizabeth was in bed (so smart!). And, of course, our epic Jerry Seinfeld date a few weeks ago. We’ve already made plans for more dates, and have locked down a regular sitter.

Visit Kids Museum | This one was supposed to be visiting a particular one… but meh. Why go to a museum during the summer, when everyone is off of school, and everyone and their brother is there?? I opted to do a few trips to our favorite science museum in Durham instead, and that worked out just fine.

Organize Play Dates | I’m SURE I organized some! This summer felt like one big giant play date, so it’s hard to remember who organized what… but it was fun!

Beach Day | We didn’t go to the ocean beach this summer, but Elizabeth and I went to Jordan Lake for a birthday party a few weeks back and had a blast! We also did Silver Beach in St. Joseph, MI, back in June! That counts 🙂

And now… what we didn’t do… and I’m not ashamed of that….

Visit Every City Park in Durham (and see also “Go to Pullen Park”) | Y’all, this is ambitious even when the weather is cool… there are over 40 parks in Durham… and there was no way we were visiting them when it was 90+ degrees by 9:00 a.m. I have my limits.

Visit the Pool | I had intended this one to be easy! My husband and I were talking all summer about joining a gym/pool, but we talked ourselves out of it. So the pool thing went off the table. But we bought ourselves a plastic pool for the backyard!

Food Truck Rodeo | There is a big one on Father’s Day, and we must have been out of town! So… that’s that.

Bull City Craft | This one is getting moved to the Fall/Winter! It sounds like such a fun place (organizes open toddler craft time in the mornings). But right when I was ready to head over there, I discovered they were closed for renovations…. oops.

Attend Outdoor Concert | No excuses… just plain laziness.

So, here’s the thing.

Sure, half the list didn’t get done. And I have a million excuses for it!

But, we still had a summer FULL of memories! Even though we didn’t make memories, completing the list, we still made memories by:

Letting Elizabeth meet a really big duck!

Splashing in the Eno River!

River splashing is tons of fun! #durhamnc #enoriver #weekendfun #bullcity

A photo posted by Katie (@ktcupoftea) on

Eating ice cream while enjoying the prettiest view! (And avoiding your toddler dribbling ice cream on your leg)

Not a bad view for eating ice cream, right? #bullcity #bullcityeats #summerdays

A photo posted by Katie (@ktcupoftea) on

Teaching Elizabeth the joys of driveway chalk art

#chalkart #toddlerlife #summerfun

A photo posted by Katie (@ktcupoftea) on

Learning serious pie crust pro tips from my mom!

Took Elizabeth to a county fair, where she learned the cow was her spirit animal.

I let Elizabeth have the loudest bell imaginable, but the joy on her face was worth it!

We took a family trip on a train – and Elizabeth learned how to say “choo choo”.

And I entered true “mom mode” when we attempted Elizabeth’s first painting craft. And we did it! Without too many messes or heart attacks.

So… who cares if I didn’t check everything off my list.

It was still an amazing summer.

And here’s to an even better fall.

What were your favorite summer memories from this year?? 

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  1. Beth says:

    Well you managed to cross off half of them so I call it a win. As long as your having fun, who cares.

    P.S. I see you also figured out the embedding IG photos into blog posts…. so cool. I just realized you could do this the other day and my mind was blown. So blown that I had to mention it in tomorrows Friday post :).

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Exactly! Still a summer win!

      And yes!! I figured out the IG embedding thing a few weeks ago and mentioned it in that H54F post too! Great minds think alike! Haha!

  2. Whitney Jordan says:

    I always think of these lists as HOPE to do lists 🙂 It’s all fun stuff and there’s no pressure to cross every single thing off. I’d say you did a great job based on all the smiles and fun you have documented in pictures. Looking forward to a fun fall 🙂

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