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Jess and Katie of Sweet Little Ones

This week’s featured bloggers are Jess and Katie from Sweet Little Ones! These sisters have one of the sweetest, most encouraging family-centered blogs I’ve read. Such a joy! Example? This recent post about sharing God’s love in the every day. They are also one of the hosts for one of my favorite link ups (besides this one, of course!) TUESDAY TALK! Go over and say hello!

This was an uneventful week in the “sharing on a Friday” department… you’ll see why… but if you’ve visited in the last week and left a comment, I’m catching up responding to you and visiting you back! But this week felt like I was sucker punched…

1. Our entire week was plagued by illness. Saturday, just as church ended, Elizabeth clutched her tummy and said “Mommy! Tummy hurts!” and like any good mom out in public, I picked her up and ran out the door. THANKFULLY nothing materialized… that day… all day Sunday she kept asking for naps and quiet time. Never a good sign. Monday we laid low, but she didn’t appear to be sick. So Tuesday I hauled her into her school morning.

And then Tuesday night, all let loose. We dealt with nausea all night and then all day Wednesday. It was miserable.

Then to make matters worse, I managed to cause the worst back injury in history. I literally couldn’t even breath because it pulled my muscles in a weird way. Agony! So changing crib sheets and doing load after load of laundry all day didn’t help matters.

We were still recovering a touch yesterday, but thankfully appear to be on the mend today. But we’re laying low this weekend just to make sure nothing resurfaces. So, yes… not much happened this week. HA!

Should I end there?

2. We are trying to plan some fun activities for Thanksgiving next week, and I’m trying to plan a post around it (have I missed the boat?). One of the things I wanted to do was bake a batch of sugar cookies to take with us to the in-laws to decorate there. I had to wait for my turkey cookie cutter to arrive, but we did that last night. For the record, I did it. Elizabeth just played with leftover dough (in case there were residual germs).

3. I went on to Facebook yesterday and saw that handy “you have a memory!” notification. I pulled it up and saw it was 9 years ago yesterday that my husband and I were engaged at Disney Land! Ah shucks…. I love that guy!

Engaged at Disney Land 9 years ago!

4. Since it was a quiet week with some back recovery time, I blitzed through episodes of The Great British Bakeoff. I watched the season currently on Netflix, and oh my word, how delightful! It’s not only a positive baking show, but it’s a lot of different recipes. It’s just been fascinating to watch!

5. MONDAY is the last day to sign up for the ‘Tis the Season Mug Swap!! Do it now! *shameless plug

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  1. Jess says:

    Oh dear, that is a rough week!! I hope everyone is feeling better now! And you and the hubby look so cute and delighted at Disneyland! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  2. Whitney Jordan says:

    Wowza!! You all need a break from your crazy week! Hope everyone is on the mend. Sick kiddos + a hurt back = no fun for anyone. Take care of yourselves so you can really live it up next week for Thanksgiving!!

  3. Nancy says:

    Uugh! Hope you guys are feeling better! I wasn’t feeling so hot myself this week. It’s the beginning of that time of year! I haven’t seen The Great British Bakeoff. I should try to stay away from things involving baking and sweets as I’m trying to refrain and only indulge on the holidays! Have a great weekend!

  4. Brenda says:

    So sorry to hear about the illness and pain your sweet family has dealt with this week. Praying you’ll all feel fully well soon! The photo of your engagement night is so cute! What a precious memory! 🙂
    xo – Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  5. Cassidy says:

    Hi Katie!
    I hate you guys have been under the weather this week…hoping you recover in time for a wonderful Thanksgiving:) How cool is THAT…getting engaged at Disney Land?? 😉

  6. Whitney says:

    Bless your heart, I’m sorry you were so ill this week! There’s nothing worse than everyone being sick at the same time. Hopefully you got it all over with and will be healthy and happy for Thanksgiving. 🙂 I love your Disneyland engagement picture! Happy engagement anniversary…and many more magical years to you! 🙂

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