What’s In My Handbag Right Now!

I’m such a nosy person, so videos that give me a chance to peek inside someone’s stuff is right up my alley! Who doesn’t love a good “what’s in my bag” video?

I figured this was my last chance to show you a regular handbag before new baby gets here and I’m now “mom with 2 kids” bag hauler.

This particular bag is from Target last year (here is a similar bag) In general, I despise cross body bags. They look weird and do something strange with my boobs. Not to mention kind of uncomfortable to carry. BUT it really is handy to have one when you’re chasing a kid on the playground.

What is in your bag right now?? Are you a cross body fan? Let me know!

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  1. Jess says:

    Wow, you sure squeezed an impressive amount of stuff in your bag! I’m equally on the fence about crossbody bags, although for me, the problem is having too much stuff in it and then feeling like my shoulder is being pulled out its socket, haha! That bag is super cute–I think I have a similar Target crossbody in the same color! 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      It’s a super bag 🙂 And yes, I don’t like having them loaded down too much either. SUCH a pain (literally!).

  2. Victoria Stamm says:

    I, too, keep Burt’s Bee’s all over the house! I have one next to me right now! Love that lip balm! And I got the rose gold iPhone 6 last year, too! I love pink! It was a no brainer! 🙂

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