Huevos Rancheros for a Busy Morning

A quick, simple recipe for Huevos Rancheros. Perfect for a busy morning!

Sometimes getting a filling, nutritious meal on the table in rapid fire time is tricky! On days when I’m feeling rushed, my go-to is cereal (pour, add milk, done!). BUT on days when I know we need something that will keep us all going, I turn to a classic – Huevos Racheros!

I’m first to admit this is not an authentic recipe! But this is a quick way to get a taste of the classic in record time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A quick, simple recipe for Huevos Rancheros. Perfect for a busy morning!

Veggies of your choice, diced up (our favorites are usually bell peppers and onions OR you can use a fresh pico de gallo salsa as a stand in! It’s perfect for when you need a short cut)

Your choice of canned beans, drained and rinsed (we love black beans)

Eggs (2 eggs per person)

Shredded Cheese (pepper jack is our go-to)

Bottled salsa verde

Tortilla Chips

Cilantro to top it off (optional)

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s totally mix and match depending on your family’s taste buds or what you have on hand in the fridge! If you don’t like onion, don’t add it! Prefer sausage over beans? Why not! Add that instead. Totally up to you.

Here’s how to bring it all together.

A quick, simple recipe for Huevos Rancheros. Perfect for a busy morning!

  1. Saute your diced veggies in a non-stick skillet until soft. (If you’re adding meat, cook first, then add the veggies)
  2. Whisk your eggs and season to taste. Add the whisked eggs to your skillet and cook/scramble.
  3. While the eggs are cooking, toss in a handful or two of beans. This is a total eye ball… add what looks right to you!
  4. Once the eggs are mostly cooked, add a 1/2 cup of salsa verde and combine. Depending on how many you’re feeding, you may need some more. (4 eggs feeds 2 people – I find 1/2 cup of salsa is just right)
  5. Turn off heat and top with some cheese. Then crumble in a handful of tortilla chips. Add more if needed. Top with cilantro (optional). Stir to combine before serving.


This whole process takes me about 10 minutes! While those eggs are cooking, I can easily whip up any other sides we want, like fruit. I can even set the table.

The salsa gives just the right amount of flavor and kick to the eggs. And having the veggies (or pico de gallo) adds some color and freshness. You could even dice some fresh tomato and top the huevos rancheros when you’re ready to serve. Yum!

What are some of your go-to quick morning breakfasts? I’d love to hear them!!

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A quick, simple recipe for Huevos Rancheros. Perfect for a busy morning!


  1. Colleen says:

    We like to make breakfast burritos (flour tortillas stuffed with scrambled eggs, veggies, meat, cheese, and salsa) and either eat them fresh or freeze them for quick breakfasts later on! We also like to make homemade oatmeal and add diced fruit (fresh raspberries, blackberries, or apples are delicious, as are canned peaches) and sprinkle in some cinnamon, brown sugar and honey!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Oatmeal with canned peaches would be delicious!!! That would be a good twist on my favorite baked oatmeal with fruit. Thanks for that idea! And breakfast burritos are a favorite here too. Really, anything Mexican flavored is a hit!

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m not a huge fan of eggs, but this looks delicious! I have a hard time coming up with healthy, filling breakfast ideas. I will definitely be giving this a try!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      My husband doesn’t like eggs either but he eats this! His has a little more cheese and extra salsa ?

  3. Beth says:

    I am pretty sure I have everything I need to whip these up… and now I just might. Thanks for sharing this recipe they look so easy and good.

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