$10 at Target | Impulse Snack and IG Props

I’m so excited to actually have my act together enough to participate in this fun $10 Target Haul link up! If you want to see what other bloggers snagged for $10 at the best shopping mecca, go over and take a peek.

$10 Haul at Target

I did this little haul just before William was born. I went to stock up on some pre-baby essentials and figured while I was there I would see what I could snag for $10. Admittedly, I found a lot of treasures in the Dollar Spot. There are so many treasures there!

Here’s what I bought.
Bark Thins Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt $2.49
E.L.F. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder $3.00
Notepad $1.00
Sticky Notes $1.00
Shark $1.00
Go Fish Card Deck $1.00

For a Grand Total of $9.49!


I bought the sticky notes and notepad for an IG prop box. I saw a blog post recently (don’t remember where…) about having consistent IG images and one way to achieve that is a prop box of items you can use for staging IG photos. Genius! And the Dollar Spot has adorable paper goods.

Elizabeth loves the shark! And it’s squeezable!

I mentioned the E.L.F. HD Undereye setting powder in a favorites video a while back, but said that I couldn’t find a replacement so I bought the face powder instead. Let me tell you – the Undereye setting powder is SO much better than the all-over face loose setting powder! The undereye powder has some sort of brightening quality to it, and it looks better under the eye. The face powder has a tint… or something… that changes the look of my concealer.

That little deck of Go Fish cards has been tons of fun. Even though we aren’t technically using them to play Go Fish, it’s still providing fun games. We’re using them for matching games, “find the number” and “find the fish”, counting practice, etc. A handy teaching tool for just $1!

And then, finally, you know I’ve got a dramatic tale for you.

The Bark Thins were purchased as an impulse buy at the register. And delicious! But we had the most STRESSFUL trip to Target, which included a 10 minute showdown in the bathroom because Elizabeth declared “I have to go potty!” but when we got there, she refused to go. She finally did, but it was not pleasant… as a 38 week pregnant lady crouching on the floor, trying to keep a toddler from touching things, I deserved the Bark Thins.

And then, tragedy strikes at the checkout register! I unloaded my very full cart laden with food stock ups pre-baby and had it all artfully arranged, with all the frozen/cold items together, the canned goods together, etc. I really should have snapped a picture to remember it! It was like a grown up Jenga. BUT when it was my turn, the register gets frozen, and we have to start all over again at a NEW register! GAH! All that work for naught.

Anywho… I highly recommend trying this $10 challenge EVERY time you go to Target. It will keep you from going crazy with the impulse buys.

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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    Oh man the bathroom story.. every time I go to a public bathroom I think about when my daughter is walking how am I going to stop her from touching things UGH! This is a lot for $10 I love the idea of setting a budget for the dollar spot =)

  2. Whitney says:

    You have the best stories…and with your personality I’m sure it was a lot more funny than if it had happened to me A.K.A. Angela Martin. LOL.

    Since those sticky notes are for props, have you tried any of them? I always pick up a package of their stickies and then put them back because they never actually stick to anything, they just curl up once you pull them off the pad. I’m curious if Target has upped the quality. Fun haul!! 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    Lol you totally deserved the bark thins. Boy that brings back some memories for me. Marissa just barely potty trained right before her sister was born so I can totally relate.

    Thanks for joining the Target fun!

  4. Anne says:

    I love this linkup – so fun. And you got a great haul for $10! I’m going to have to remember this IG prop box thing next time I’m wandering the dollar aisle…

  5. Michelle says:

    I can’t tell you how many times chocolate something ends up in my cart due to stress in Target. Even when I’m by myself. It is suppose to be the happy place. Not for this gal lately.

  6. Danielle says:

    Love all the things you got! And, now I’m going to go look up prop box. I’ve never heard of that before (but have heard having a consistent “theme” is good).
    Bark thins are like my fav. treat!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Things to do later! LOL. That is right up my alley. I’m going to have to look for that notepad!
    And those bark thins. I’ve been wanting to try those for SO LONG. I need to check for those too! Great haul!

  8. Jess says:

    An IG prop box–what a great idea! Not that I ever really take staged IG pics, but still, a good tip to keep in mind! The $1 Spot sticky notes are generally pretty disappointing in terms of “stickiness” so they are probably better as a prop anyway! haha

  9. Tif says:

    I’m cracking up. You really did deserve your treat! And funny story about sharks. Kane feel and got a boo-boo on his hand. Well, he told me not to touch it because it was a shark bite! I was like, “A shark bite?” And he said, “Yea, momma, a shark bit me.”hahahahahahah

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