High Five for Friday #75 | A Week of Ups and Downs

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Kate from the Neat Nest

This week’s featured blogger is Kate from The Neat Nook! Her blog is full of great ideas!! This post on eating and drinking with fresh herbs is fantastic! (She also mentioned her mom was a Master Gardener! Mine too!) And today she’s got a special Father’s Day camping post! Swing over and say hello!

This week was full of ups and downs, hence why it was so quiet around here…. Let’s review!

A Recap from the week1. Saturday we did the unthinkable… we all made it to church ON TIME! William got to go to Elizabeth’s class for the first time and Elizabeth was so thrilled. There’s a favorite song where they get to wave and welcome each kiddo, saying their name. And Elizabeth wouldn’t let mommy (the teacher that week!) forget to welcome Baby Bruder. He was a great church attendee the whole time. We lasted there for a few hours, but eventually headed back home. But a victory, nonetheless!

2. Our week’s downs were basically centered around someone crying loud…. I think at one point everyone was crying… William, Elizabeth AND mommy. I don’t very often let things with the kids bring me to tears, but this week was different. Maybe hormones? Maybe sleep deprivation? (probably sleep… definitely sleep) But we were all weepy this week.

3. One reason for sleep deprivation – my husband had his fellowship graduation dinner on Tuesday!! This means he is COMPLETELY finished with all of his medical training, and the real job begins July 1. SO proud of him! This has been 10 years in the making (14 if you add in undergrad) – 4 years medical school, 3 years of internal medicine residency, and then 3 years nephrology fellowship. During the dinner they called up each graduating fellow to say a few words/tell stories. Since my husband is staying on as faculty and not moving away, the remarks were thankfully fairly lighthearted. But it was wonderful to hear that he started blowing away the program WAY back when he was a first year resident, before nephrology even entered his mind. They even mentioned that the newly hired chief mentioned in his interview that he would make sure to hire that guy with the beard because he’s clearly doing great things. Proud wife! It was a late night, but it was fun getting a chance to celebrate this amazing Doctor Husband! We really should have snapped a few more pics.. and that selfie was only snapped to text to fellows that left last year saying “wish you were here”.

4. Elizabeth has been an absolute hoot this week! There have been so many things that cracked me up! A new activity for her is going on Deer Patrol. We have thick woods in the back yard and constantly have deer back there. Normally, that would be fun! But we’re always watching diligently to make sure they don’t eat flowers. And Elizabeth has taken ownership of that task. So now, if there is a deer back there, you just tell Elizabeth, and she runs to the sunroom, climbs on the sofa and starts shouting “Shoo Deer!”. She’s been pretty successful! I think I’ll keep her.

5. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were thinking of hiring someone to come clean the house 2x a month. Well, we did! It may be temporary, BUT we are all about outsourcing what we can right now to keep us sane.

What are your plans for Father’s Day? I asked my husband what he wanted to do, and the best he could think of was “hang in the backyard”. HA! So we’re no doubt in for a laid back day.

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  1. Kate Andersen says:

    What a week you’ve had. Congrats to your husband!! It sounds like his hard work and dedication are paying off. Hopefully you can enjoy some quiet time over the next few days. Some people say laughter is the best medicine. Sleep is a close second, for sure. Here’s to having a bit of both this weekend with your sweet family. 🙂 PS. Thank you again for featuring me this week. I’m truly honored.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Thank you! Laughter is definitely helpful around here. But hoping to catch up on sleep this weekend (not holding my breath though). Have a great weekend!!! So excited to feature you!

  2. Jess says:

    Congrats to the Husband! What an amazing accomplishment! I’m fascinated by medicine (love Grey’s!) so I was riveted by your description of his journey thus far! And that is too funny about Elizabeth and the deer. All the crying kiddos, though, does not sound fun at all. Our next-door neighbors have a 2-month old baby and sometimes I can hear him wailing, and I’m just like, oh man, I am not about that life! Have a great weekend!

  3. Becky says:

    Oh, congrats to your husband!!! I’m sure you’re thrilled!!! I could totally go for a house cleaner… and I’m still pondering it. We’ll see how the budget shakes out this fall. Currently with summer and us all home all the time I think I’d need a house cleaner every half an hour to keep this place clean!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Haha everyone being home constantly definitely increases the messy factor! It’s so hard to keep up!!

  4. Whitney Jordan says:

    Congratulations to you and your hubby on finishing all of his schooling. It’s totally a team effort and quite an accomplishment. Sorry for the tears and lack of sleep. That’s a rough combo so good thing these little people are so cute and toddlers can be so funny! Thinking of you 🙂

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