A New Diaper Bag | A Peek at the Skip Hop Forma Backpack

I’m a sucker for any handbag or purse! It’s one of my favorite accessories. But now as a mom of 2, I knew I needed to up my diaper bag game. And while I love shoulder or tote bags for every day use, the diaper bag backpack is absolutely perfect for day trips, museums, parks, etc. I researched and shopped and eventually settled on the Skip Hop Forma Backpack!

Skip Hop Forma

As usual, there are no affiliate links or sponsorships around this bag or with Skip Hop… I just REALLY like this bag! I bought it with my own money and all opinions are my own.

I had to laugh. I spent a morning at Buy Buy Baby, holding and trying on various backpack style diaper bags. I must have looked so silly!

There were 2 I was really tempted by – the JuJuBe Legacy and the Skip Hop Forma. They were both awesome! But I obviously settled on the Skip Hop Forma… Here’s why.

Skip Hop Forma

First off is the price. The Skip Hop Forma is $100 less than the JuJuBe. The JuJuBe is definitely better quality, and I say it warrants the $100 extra in price. If I was buying a backpack diaper bag as an every day bag, the JuJuBe would have been the easy winner! But I was just planning on using this backpack as an occasional bag, so I couldn’t justify the $100 difference.

Second, the Skip Hop is MUCH lighter than the JuJuBe. Completely empty, the Skip Hop Forma barely weighs anything.

Third, I trust Skip Hop’s quality. This is my third Skip Hop diaper bag (I own the Studio and used the Duo) so I know that it’s great quality for the price.

Skip Hop Forma

Downside? If you were planning on using it as an everyday backpack, I’d be worried of the stitching on main straps or the stroller straps giving way. I also wish there were more pockets for organizing in the main compartment. Although that’s easily solved if you love using pouches already to organize your diaper bag or purse.

I’ve used the Skip Hop Forma now a few times and I’ve really liked it! It holds a surprising amount of stuff, and bonus! My husband doesn’t mind carrying it around.

Skip Hop Forma

Curious to see more? I filmed a walk through and first impressions video the morning I bought this! I promise an updated video on what it actually holds, but for now, this is a great overview if you’re curious about the backpack!

Fellow Moms – do you have a backpack for a diaper bag? Is it your every day bag, or do you use it occasionally, like me?

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    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I bought mine at a baby store, Buy Buy Baby (which is online too!) but Amazon had the exact same price online as well. Glad it was helpful!

  1. Monica says:

    I’m thinking of buying this backpack, can you tell me if yours lasted? I gave read reviews about coming apart on the zippers and handles.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Not yet! But I haven’t been using it as a daily bag. I have friends that have used it daily and so far, so good as well.

  2. Sophia says:

    Ah yes, my favorite backpack is the Wallaroo which honestly looks the same as this one? I’m not sure if they are copycats of each other! Would be good to compare them in real life, but I do love the look of them. Your video was really helpful in getting a good look at the bag too 🙂

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