The BEST Way to Organize Your Refrigerator

Organize FridgeAnyone else have a fridge that can quickly get disorganized? Mine certainly does. My biggest problems were loosing track of food I did have and loosing things to the very back of the fridge.

I had a light bulb go off about a month ago with a new way to organize my fridge. Since then, I’ve been test driving different things, but I think I have finally hit a winning combination! And just in time for it to be stuffed with holiday cooking.

Do you have two produce drawers? I used the one on the left for fruit. The one on the right for vegetables. But they were ALWAYS overflowing, which meant I couldn’t exactly see what I had. So I was tossing out food that got lost.

So what did I do? I stopped using the produce drawers for produce!

Here’s how it is organized now!

Organized Fridge

If our goal is to eat fruits and veggies, and NOT to let them go to waste, then why are they hiding? I pulled them out of the drawers and onto my fridge shelves. I then noticed we were eating it all more often. I pulled out veggies to use in a salad because I saw them right at my eye level. I grabbed fruit for the kids because I could easily see it.

I’ve got a space in the main area for all the things we reach for often, like yogurt. And even a space for leftovers, which also got lost regularly in here.

And what’s in the drawers now?

organized fridge

In the left drawer I now stick all our cheeses. That bin in the back holds the “specialty” cheeses, like goat cheese and the feta. The front of the drawer is for the cheeses we grab more often, like cheddar, as well as anything currently open.

The right drawer holds our onions in the back. Our bread and tortillas go in the front of the drawer.

We also have a flat drawer below.

This is the BEST way to organize your fridge!

That drawer holds unopened backs of cheese. But it also holds our cheese sticks (we have so much cheese!!) and small individual containers of hummus and guacamole for quick snacks.

So there you go! A brand new, but BEST way to organize your fridge. It’s been great having the important foods right at eye level instead of tucked away.

And all those fancy, clear organizers? Most are either plastic storage containers missing lids or produce containers from Costco.

Honestly, this is the best thing ever!

Now, if only I can figure out how to better organize that freezer drawer…. tips???

What is your fridge organization struggle? Any fun tips you use to keep your fridge tidy? I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Whitney says:

    This is a beautiful fridge, my friend! I love the mats you have down as liners. I need to do that! I use the left produce drawer for shredded cheese, bacon and specialty cheese. We also have a lot of cheese. 🙂 I’ve found that corralling things in bins as you have done makes the fridge look SO much more organized, and causes it to function more efficiently. Except when I’m standing with the door open, admiring its’ beauty. 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Cheese cheese cheese!! Haha! And bins just make it look like you’ve put in effort (even if they are full of junk or unrelated items haha)!

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