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Today’s featured blogger is Jessica from Life. Love. Reality! As a wife and mother of 2 girls, Jessica loves sharing their life story. They are all constantly on the go, but she finds the time to sit down, type and share! Swing over and say hello!

Anyone else feeling like this is the fastest year ever? And this week absolutely blew by. In fact, yesterday I was convinced it was actually Wednesday… I woke up rushing everyone around trying to get out the door on time for Elizabeth’s school…  except that it wasn’t a school day… There are zero pictures from this week. ZERO! All that’s on my phone are random pictures from a Victorian gifts magazine… I was taking pictures of all the weird doodads in it and sending them to friends. The assortment included the “lady in waiting” bottle opener. Yep… those are the pictures on my phone.

On to the week!

1. Saturday we spent another day with people sick. Both hubby and Elizabeth said they didn’t feel good. I had to leave them at home to go teach a class at church, but otherwise we had a super quiet day. I think Elizabeth ended up finishing the day watching The Nutcracker clips on YouTube and replicating their dance moves. You should see her curtsy.

2. Sunday was a super fun day! It’s rare that I get a chance to hang out with my friends from church outside of church, but Sunday afternoon we met for pedicures and dinner! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. I probably monopolized the talk time because I got on a story roll… but we had SUCH a good time! Such a good time, in fact, that I took zero picture evidence.

3. Anyone start pulling out Christmas decorations? I’ll probably pull everything out on Sunday. I refuse to set anything up (especially the tree) before Thanksgiving, BUT the storage room we keep all the Christmas stuff in needs a serious reorg, and everything needs to come out before everything can go back in. Ugh… be jealous for my Sunday.

4. Thank goodness for friends who are willing to do last minute playground runs! Wednesday morning started off super crazy and we were lucky to make it to school with everything. I just knew Elizabeth needed extra run time, so I asked a friend if she was up for a playground play date in the afternoon. I swear, playdates are more for mommies than for kiddos. We got to chat, decompress and just enjoy the outdoors while our kids played together. We had to stop and come out of mommy bliss land a few times, but it was delightful! Friends with small children, NEVER be afraid of the random “hey! want to meet at the playground in an hour?” text. Just send it. Even if someone says no this time, they will say yes next time.

5. The BIGGEST thing I’m waiting for next week? Not Thanksgiving… it’s Elizabeth’s Thanksgiving program on Monday! I’m so giddy! I’ll be that parent cheesing it up big, super proud, recording every moment. Every day she comes home with a new song or poem, and I just know they’ll be stringing them all together to do a performance. So cute! There may be picture overload on IG OR I may just be in the moment and forget to take a single one.

What was your highlight from the week? Can’t wait to hear about it!

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  1. Jenna says:

    I absolutely love Jessica’s blog. Also, yes, this has been the fastest week of the year. I don’t know where my days went but I swear I blinked on Sunday and now it is Friday. I will take it! One week closer to Thanksgiving and all of the holiday celebrations. Have a great Friday!

  2. Lisa says:

    YAY for you getting in a little girls night!!! AND I’m with you…I just can’t decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Enjoy the Thanksgiving program. I was always the choking back tears when mine were little doing those sweet things.❤️

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I’m just so excited for that program!! She comes home with a preview of a new song or poem and it’s just so cute!

  3. Jess says:

    Omg a Thanksgiving program. How flippin’ adorable. I remember doing stuff like that in kindergarten. I was always an Indian when I wanted to be a pilgrim 🙁 haha. Those were the days! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  4. Whitney says:

    I’m with you – this week absolutely FLEW by! Let’s hope the rest of the year doesn’t go this quickly, or it will be 2017 like tomorrow. 🙂 I always re-organize my holiday decor in my office before I start setting everything out…and I MUST make a Goodwill run before I do that.I have piles of things I’m donating, taking up space on the floor in here. So that’s on the agenda for Monday. 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I have so many donatables in various piles around the house. I need to take your advice from a blog post (or video??) past and just put it in my trunk!!

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