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The best Pinterest recipes that you have to try!
It’s the last Monday of the month! That means I’m teaming up with my friends Come Home for Comfort and Polka-Dotty Place to share our favorite recipes from this past month that you HAVE to try!

There are so many recipes to try on Pinterest, that I forget to actually make them. At least this forces me to try a few recipes that get pinned.

Here’s a rundown of what I tried!

Goat Cheese + Carmelized Onion Pizza | This was one of those “tried long ago but forgot all about it” recipes on my Pinterest board. Man is it good! The recipe here uses a flat bread crust, but honestly, you could adapt this flavor combo for a lot of things, not just pizza! It would make a dandy pasta recipe as well.

Veggie Black Bean Enchiladas | These. Were. Amazing. (the second time) Funny story! This recipe has you make your own enchilada sauce. It’s SUPER easy, and could easily be doubled for the freezer. Anyway, I misread the “chili powder” ingredient and used cayenne instead – a whole whopping tablespoon’s worth! It was SO spicy that my habanero-pepper loving husband could barely eat it. The second time I used the called-for chili powder and it was just fine. This is one of those recipes you could refer back to and just switch up the enchilada filling with whatever you have on hand.

Austrian-style Potato Salad | I LOVE this potato salad! I’ve made it for years. It was a recipe in my trusty Cook’s Illustrated magazine years ago and was thrilled to find it online to pin. This potato salad is super creamy and flavorful, but uses zero mayonnaise! Very picnic friendly! The secret is mashing some of the cooked potato in the cooking liquid to make a creamy sauce, and then dress the salad. Genius!

Quick + Easy Crispy Tofu | Where has this recipe been all my life? I am constantly trying different ways to make tofu crispy, but it always falls flat. This was totally doable and it got added to my trusty, old school recipe box. It was that simple.

What are some amazing recipes you’ve tried lately? Have you peeked in your trusty recipe box recently?

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  1. Whitney says:

    I love goat cheese on pizza! Yum! Bless your heart, that cayenne incident sounds like something I would do. Glad you were able to redeem yourself on the second try! 🙂

  2. Whitney says:

    Yum!! Adding handwritten favorite recipes to my recipe box is a goal of mine this year. It’s so hard to keep a recipe up on my phone when I’m baking and it’s messy. So I’m hoping to get busy and write out my recipes.

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