High Five for Friday #119 – Attack of the Local Sparrows

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Welcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by me, BeckyTif, and Della! Come, read up on what we’ve been up to this week and get to know some amazing bloggers down below!

Another week done!

1. How was your Easter?? We had a glorious one! On Good Friday we went over to Elizabeth’s church school and walked through their Stations of the Cross. They had 8 different stations with props and signs describing different parts of the Easter story. Elizabeth loved it! And then Saturday morning we hit the road early to get up to Virginia Beach to join my in-laws at church. We had such a wonderful time up there. It was a blessed Easter!

My favorite moment?? Each time someone wandered downstairs on Easter morning, Elizabeth ran over to them, shouting “Do you want to hear the good news? Jesus is alive!”. I didn’t tell her to say that… she just oozed with glorious joy! It was just so sweet!

2. I received my order from Everlane this week! I was just too excited that I forgot to document anything (story of my life). First impression is that the clothing is really high quality! I loved the tee shirts. The scoop neck tee fit me really well. I sized up on all the tee shirts to have a looser fit and that seemed just right. The collared dress shirts were lovely too. The relaxed fit one was too big on me in the shoulders. But the slim fit one was great! I am returning it though to go up one size. It was just a touch too fitted… but overall really pleased! Capsule Wardrobe has begun.

3. I got into 2 different projects this week. I have agreed to take over my church’s email newsletter and website. To be honest, both need a huge overhaul. But, seems like a good fit for me, right? In my previous job I used to send email newsletters and mass communication weekly. It’s all come full circle.

4. Our weather here has been a touch warm, but it’s been lovely to get out on walks. Both kids have a blast in the stroller, looking around at all the sights. It will be our usual routine in the summer time.

5. Speaking of outside… the most HORRIFYING thing happened to me yesterday!!

Story time.

I have just one fear…. and that’s a fear of birds. Generally speaking it’s larger birds, like geese, peacocks… that kind of thing. But if there is a flying thing flying AT me I hate it.

Enter Katie. Stepping outside to take in the fresh air, looking forward to walking to the mailbox to see if her new clothes have arrived.

As I got closer to the mail box, two sparrows come flying OUT of our mail box! We have a small space under our main mail box for newspapers, and they came out of there. The sparrows THEN started to circle above me, swooping down AT me to chase me away from the mail box!!! I wanted to turn around and run back to the house, terrified. But I REALLY wanted my Everlane order! I had to cower over by the car until they settled down over at another mail box. But I swear those two birds stared at me the whole time, from their new spot, making sure I didn’t disturb something.

There isn’t a nest yet in the mail box, but they’re clearly planning on one. So I really need to go out and clear it out and stuff something in there so every trip to the mail box isn’t traumatizing!

Featured Blogger of the Week!

Our featured Blogger this week is Kenzie from Connected in the Kitchen!  She is a great baker (obviously!) and loves sharing her creations on her blog. I really want to make her lemon poppyseed muffins! Swing over and say hello to Kenzie!!

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Brenda says:

    I loved the story of Elizabeth joyfully proclaiming that Jesus is Alive! The bird story made me a little nervous – lol! I hope those birdies fly away and leave you alone during future mail gathering trips! Have a beautiful upcoming weekend, friend! xo – Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  2. Kenzie says:

    Katie – Thank you for featuring me this week and for providing this weekly platform for newer bloggers to grow their readership & online community! That bird story is so scary! I’m impressed by your commitment to your Everlane order! I think I would have just run back to my house! Have a great weekend!

  3. Jess says:

    OMG that is terrifying! And I’m not even afraid of birds! Like, not actively afraid of birds, but I would definitely freak out if birds were flying out of my mail box and circling me! I do have an active 24/7 fear of bugs, especially buzzy bee-like bugs, and legit hyperventilate when I have to get the mail as enormous junebugs are patrolling our porch!

  4. Claudia says:

    I don’t think I could recover from a bird even like that! This reminds me that one time in college when I went to take out the trash and a raccoon came out of the trash can… I nearly had a heart attack. Since then I always pound the trash can before hand in case there is something in there.

    – Claudia

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