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Welcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by me, BeckyTif, and Della! Come, read up on what we’ve been up to this week and get to know some amazing bloggers down below!


Happy First Day of Fall! Hooray! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

What have you been up to this week? Can’t wait to hear about it!

1. Our trip back from Michigan last Friday went as well as it could. No one threw up, no one screamed the entire way, both kids actually napped part of the time… it went well! I tried a few different things on this trip to keep everyone entertained and all seemed to be fine! Road trips with littles aren’t for the faint of heart… but it can be fun! And this trip definitely was!

2. Our weekend obviously then needed to be chill and quiet. We didn’t make it to church on Saturday, and we all just relaxed and took it easy the rest of the day. Sunday was spent getting things put away, tidying and getting back to normal.

3. I shared this story over on Instastory earlier in the week, but I HAVE to tell you this funny Elizabeth story. My husband was out of town this week for one night, and when he’s gone we have a bit of a tradition to get french fries and watch movies in the afternoon. So we’re all sitting at the kitchen table, eating french fries, watching Moana. This is Elizabeth’s third time watching it through. And we’re enjoying it! About half way through the movie I take William upstairs to put him to bed. And then I come back down to finish the movie with Elizabeth. At the end of the movie, Moana is coming back to the island, her parents see her, and they all run at each other and have a family hug! I glace over at Elizabeth, and she’s clearly getting misty-eyed and her little lip is starting to quiver!!! So I ask her if she’s alright. And she BURSTS into tears and says “I don’t know!”. Oh my! So much emotion for a pint sized kiddo! So I have her sit on my lap to let her calm down. Once she’s calm and we talk about how she was doing, I find out that she’s sad Moana had to do all the sailing on her own, all by herself. And she was worried thinking about “What if I had to go on a boat all by myself”. Poor thing! It was quite the moment. As a parent, you’ve got to be on your toes for all sorts of scenarios!


4. Monday Elizabeth went back to school! She was so jazzed to go back, and all of her friends, who had been there for over a week already, were SO excited to see her! It was a delight!

5. Today William goes to Elizabeth’s school too! He will be going just one day a week, so that means on Fridays I will have mornings completely free! This is crazy. I actually am excited to have a morning of cleaning ahead. Am I the only one that enjoys cleaning??? But this little guy has turned into such a fun guy. Thanks to a neighborhood walk with just him I realized he talks a little! He says “I see” and he also loves trees. He points at each tree and says this odd little “ree” word. I didn’t realize it was tree until he ran up to a tree and said his little word. It’s been fun watching him hit the toddler phase!

This guy. Don't know who he inherited his morning energy from ? #boymomlife #likemommylikeson

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Today’s featured blogger is Erin from Perfectly Port!  She’s passionate about encouraging women to pursue life with a smile and laughter! Her corn bean salsa recipe looks delicious! And her 5 Fall Mom Fashion Must Haves were spot on.  I need to find a longer cardigan! Swing over and say hello to Erin!

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Erin Port says:

    That story about Elizabeth was so sweet and sad! I loved it hearing it on your Insta-stories which I always love to watch by the way. Have a sweet morning full of cleaning, I agree a clean house makes me feel lighter somehow! Thanks for the sweet feature, you made my day! xoxo ERIN

  2. Catherine Short says:

    We haven’t hit the enjoyable road trip phase yet. I think we’re going to fly home for Thanksgiving this year — haha. William is such a ham. I’m sure he loves feeling like a big boy going to school with Elizabeth!

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