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Welcome to High Five for Friday – hosted by me, BeckyTif, and Della! Come, read up on what we’ve been up to this week and get to know some amazing bloggers down below!

What have you been up to this week? Can’t wait to hear about it!

1. I’m looking forward to this particular busy season to be over… It feels like the last year has been so busy! Tons of activities, projects, and busy things… Finding a balance has been hard. BUT I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. One of my larger projects has been redoing my church’s website. I’ve had to start from scratch, because it was just easier in the long run. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks it will be (mostly) done! But it’s been hard finding time to work on it amongst all the things.

2. A sad moment this week. Well… not that sad. I think my husband was more sad than I was. But I sold my car this week. This was a car that my parents gave me right after I graduated from college and it’s served both me and my husband well. It was time for it to move on, though. What you can’t see in the below picture is Elizabeth, bawling because we went to the DMV that’s in the mall with the carousel. And we weren’t riding it. Ah, mommyhood.

3.  Today should be a fun day! I’m heading with Elizabeth and her little preschool to a pumpkin patch and farm. We’re most excited because we plan on wearing our rain boots 🙂 That’s my girl!

4. Last weekend was a busy weekend, but it was so much fun! We had a church fall festival, and it was such a fun time!

5. With this busy season, I have definitely been having a hard time finding joy in small moments. It’s been hard slowing down. But then I had a a moment that stopped me in my tracks. I found a red leaf in our backyard. We just have one red-leafed tree in our backyard. And it seems to drop its leaves at secret times. But because we were in the backyard, having fun, saving our moments, I happened to spot a red leaf. Take the time to slow down this next week. Look around, be still and just savor.

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STORY TIME // We don't have many trees in our yard that turn red in the fall… (maples, right?) we have one tree. And it seems to sneakily drop them when we aren't paying attention. But today, the kids and I hung outside for a while. Just enjoying the day. Taking it slow. I was purposefully trying to enjoy my surroundings. I tried to let my mind just relish in the breeze, the giggles from my kids, and even Elizabeth shouting really loudly, "Let my people go!". #truestory ? And then I saw it. One little solitary red leaf laying in the dirt. I would have completely missed it if I was trying to just "check the activity" off my list. Rush the time the kids and I had together to just get to nap time. But instead, I got to see the red leaf. What did you take the time to see today?? #slowdown #simplejoys

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Today’s featured blogger is Danielle from Young, Not Powerless. She’s a wife as well as a mommy to 3! If you’re like me, you love home reno posts. And Danielle has been sharing their bathroom renovation experience. And if you have any holiday travel planned, check out Danielle’s tips on traveling with kids. Swing over and say hi to Danielle!!

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Nancy says:

    A trip to the pumpkin patch sounds like fun! Fall is such a busy time for us as well! So much going on. I need to take your advice and find joy in the small moments. We’re always in such a rush. Have a great weekend!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      The activities are non-stop come the fall! I think that’s why I get so bitter come Christmas! I can’t believe the fall just zoomed by so fast that I’m just not ready for Christmas yet! And it is so hard to stop and slow down for a second. But it’s so important!

  2. Catherine Short says:

    How cruel to have the DMV near a carousel! 😉 I’m feeling the business too and I’m not loving it. I’m actually looking forward to December when we won’t be doing any extra travel.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      It was SO cruel! And you’ve got the end in sight for the travel. That’s a relief! Busy-ness is always lurking it seems.

  3. Ashley S says:

    Wow! It is impressive that you know how to build a website! I struggle with simple computer tasks, lol. I hear you on the busy season and I am glad you found time to enjoy the little moment in your backyard. Thank goodness for “red leaf” moments that remind us to slow down.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      There is always busy… right? There’s always a way to fill in gaps in time with stuff. But I was super grateful for my red leaf. Simple reminders are the most powerful.

  4. Jess says:

    Totally understand what you mean about the red leaf tree. Our lunch break at yoga teacher training got extended today, so I had time to really slow down and walk around the property, and I totally bonded with a pretty, orange-leaved tree! 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I definitely covet trees in the fall. I stare at neighbor’s trees wishing they were in our yard instead 🙂

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