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Well, on the other side of Hurricane Florence, we’ve managed to come through to the other side. Thank you all for your messages over the weekend. I was truly worried last Friday that we’d be without power, and thankfully we never lost it. Phew!

It’s a hard set of emotions – on the one hand, our family is SO grateful that the hurricane, which was originally forecasted to make a straight shot to us in the Raleigh/Durham area, took a turn and spared us! But, on the other hand, that turn caused so much devastation at our coast. The pictures and stories from the coast are heartbreaking.

Our week last week was so topsy-turvy! We truly went from mass hysteria and hurricane prep to watching some rainfall. I pushed hard to cancel our church services on Saturday last week because I thought we’d lose power. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Rainfall here was so minimal that we eventually escaped our house Saturday just to go out to eat.

On Sunday, we still had some steady rain… but we went on a puddle search! We walked our neighborhood and found the best puddle!

It took a full day for the kids’ rain boots and coats to dry out. They were properly soaked but oh so happy!!

And then… Monday rolled around.

By Sunday evening, you could tell on all the local Facebook groups that people were getting stir crazy and all were excited to get back to routine on Monday after our non-hurricane weather.

But Monday morning, we got woken up at 6:30am with a hurricane warning! We hauled the kids downstairs to our hall bathroom and watched the radar on the news. Turns out, that tornado rotation was RIGHT by our house! We stayed there for about 30 minutes until all was well, but crazy start to our morning.

Kids got dressed for the day (so excited for everyone to get back to school!!) and we started breakfast. Fast forward 30 more minutes and we were BACK in the bathroom for another tornado warning! Same situation.

Meanwhile, outside, it was POURING buckets! Our several days of hurricane rain didn’t really amount to much rain (maybe 2 inches?) but this was a deluge. My little makeshift rain gauge outside already looked like it was at 4 inches in about an hour.

We started getting “flash flood” warnings on our phones. And online on Facebook I noticed tons of people posting that roads were completely flooded. It was SUCH a heavy rain. It lasted for a few hours, and it flooded out so many roads right around us. The main river right by our house flooded over 20 feet. I’ve never experienced a true “flash flood”, but it was a wild experience.

Our creek in our backyard, which flows to the main river, was the highest we’ve every seen!

Do you see that log in the background? Next to the clump of grass? That’s the edge of our yard, and after the clump of grass is where the bank of our creek starts.

Thankfully, by Friday, all is back to normal here in our area. Obviously, the coast is still struggling. Ugh, I feel so helpless just a few hours away.

OK… I can’t end on that note! So let’s end on my favorite video from the hurricane coverage… the Weather Channel Guy!

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  1. Bri says:

    Katie, I am so glad to hear your family is safe and that the hurricane didn’t hit too hard by you. Praying for all the rest of those affected. 🙁

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