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Happy Friday, friends! Hope you’ve had a great week.

Let’s discuss vacations… AirBNB vacations…. ever feel like it was just basically living your usual life, just in someone’s house??

That’s how I felt on our vacation last week!  Our little family traveled to Asheville last Friday for a 5 day stay out there. We had so much fun!! But mercy – it was basically like my regular day to day life, not really a vacation HA! Nothing like trying to keep your small kiddos from knocking over someone else’s decorations or trying to find a pan in someone else’s kitchen.

But we did have SO much fun! We stayed about 20 minutes outside of Asheville. My husband and I have been to Asheville plenty of times, but this was the first time we had both kids there. There is a lot to do there! And we had a blast!

The house we rented had a wonderful set up for our little kids! It had a huge hill in the backyard! Need your kids to run out some energy? Just send them outside to run to the top of a massive hill a few times.

The front yard also dipped down to a huge creek. Elizabeth spent an hour trudging through the creek, scampering over rocks! Living a kid’s best life.

We went apple picking one day. Classic fall activity! But I have NEVER been to a more beautiful orchard! Those sweeping views of the mountains – swoon!

Of all the activities and fun we did, if you ask either kid what their favorite part was, they both would say “seeing the waterfall”! It was a waterfall off of a twisty road. We climbed several flights of steps down to see it. It was FUN! But then we climbed back to the car and kept driving. It cracks me up that we were there for about 5 minutes, but it was their fav!

If you’re heading into Asheville with your little ones, I HIGHLY recommend a visit at the Asheville Museum of Science! It is a small science museum, but everything is hands on and tons of fun. There was a gem room and Elizabeth wouldn’t leave it! And then they had a water table, a dinosaur dig, a large climbing structure, and quite a bit more.

We had wonderful weather while we were there. It rained the last full day we were there. In fact, we had the most delightful walk in the rain while we were visiting the arboretum there. Nothing like walking in the woods in a downpour!

When we got back home, our plans for a bonfire were thwarted, so we opted for s’mores indoors. In hindsight, it was probably a good idea. William with a flaming hot marshmallow at the end of a stick didn’t sound like a great idea.

The part that gave me a chuckle, though, was a truck spotting on our drive from Durham to Asheville! High Five for the best company name! HA!

  And now, it’s time to link up your posts! Can’t wait to cruise around and see what you all have been blogging about!

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