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August 2014 Favorites | Cup of TeaI typically have at least a few beauty items in my favorites recap, but not this month. I just didn’t buy anything that was favorite worthy.

But I have plenty of favorites, nonetheless!

Planner | You’ve probably already seen my blog post on how I set up my Moleskine notebook to be my own, custom planner.  But it’s just rocked my socks this month! I feel a little more organized, and that should always be a favorite.

The Killing | I mentioned how much my husband and I were enjoying this show. If you love mysteries, crime thrillers, detective dramas, etc., then check this out! The entire series is on Netflix!

SaconneJolys YouTube Channel | I don’t know why these daily vloggers make my day, but they are such a delightful little family! They are a favorite this month because they are an Irish family, but recently moved to London, so I’ve enjoyed watching them all get settled.  Check them out!

Instagram | Yep. Instagram made the list. Instagram is like the social media platform meant for me. All pictures. Loads of interaction. I haven’t been as active this past month on Instagram like I had been previously, but I’ve been enjoying being a stalker on every else’s feeds 🙂

Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans | It’s embarrassing, but I’ve been wearing my maternity skinny jeans since I was pregnant. Which was basically this time last year. Yikes. They were comfortable, but the reason I had such a hard time giving them up was because I couldn’t find a pair of dark skinny jeans that were comfortable, soft, and weren’t bunchy around the ankle. Enter the Rockstar Skinnies from Old Navy! I ended up buying these in the short length, which I think made the difference! | This blog has been popping up on other blogs for the last month or so, but if you haven’t heard of Un-Fancy yet, I’ll just say it’s fabulous! Basically, Caroline has streamlined her wardrobe into a minimalist capsule wardrobe, and creates seasonal looks from a collection of items from the capsule, as well as a few new pieces purchased for the 3 month season. If you’ve ever been interested in a minimalist wardrobe and having a quality vs. quantity existence, then check out this blog! It’s amazing!

Anything you’re loving right now? Would love to hear about it!

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  1. Miljoy says:

    Right now I’m loving neatly folded piles of laundry and planning for my traditional Fall baking (much more planning this year with a baby!). I too love ON rockstar skinnies!! And I don’t have any inclination of giving up maternity jeans any time soon, they’re way too comfy! I’m liking this un-fancy blog, it’s a good time to purge my closet in the midst of unpacking. I unfortunately have clothes hoarding tendencies.

  2. lemonjellycake says:

    Just finished watching your video . . . and Wendy says to me: “I want another movie with her.” Lol! You have a two year old fan. 🙂

  3. Tif says:

    I totally wanted to do your Moleskin hack but didn’t have time, so I caved and bough a Lilly planner. Fail on my part:/ Also, love Old Navy pants. And I never really used Instagram until I started the blog, but now I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget

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