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Today – no menu. Sorry! We’re on vacation, so our menu is “Monday, eat out here. Tuesday, eat out there”. But I thought this week would be a great time to talk about some of the best Menu Planning printables and tips to make it easier to menu plan each week!

I think printables make the mundane task of menu planning so much more enjoyable! I truly dislike menu planning, but I started enjoying it so much more when I found fun printables!

There are many styles of printables out there, but one of my favorite styles is a weekly menu + grocery shopping list. I try to make 10 weeks of menu for each season, and write every food item needed on the shopping list side. Then I can compare the complete shopping list with what I have on hand, and create a separate, actual list. Β Some things, like spices, olive oil, etc I may not actually need on this trip.

Here are some functional but pretty printables I found (and have used a few!):

The Eat Sheet menu printable from Design Finch

My current fav menu printable from The Design Finch

Menu Planner printable from Craft Sew Create

Another printable I’ve used before from Craft Sew Create

Menu Planning printable from iHeart Nap Time

From iHeart Nap Time

Menu Planning printable from Organized Home Life

Printable and great menu planning tips at this post by Organized Home Life

Menu Planning printable from Cut & Create

Printable from Cut & Create

Menu Planning printable from Scrimpalicious

Love this one from Scrimpalicious!

Every week when I sit to menu plan, I comb through my trusty ol’ recipe box, as well as my Pinterest board! I’ve saved quite a few fun recipes. I’m sure you have a board yourself you save recipes to try!

But you could also use Pinterest boards to organize menu ideas by season (Winter comfort foods vs. cool Summer salads). I love doing this type of board organization using the Private Board feature, so I can keep my public board clean.

You could also do private boards with weekly menu recipes! That would make menu planning super easy. Or even a private board of recipes you’ve now tried and loved, with the description box filled with any tweaks you’ve made.

But, as organized as we try to be, sometimes menu planning just doesn’t happen (like last week!) and sometimes what we’ve planned to make just doesn’t sound appealing.

I love this post by iHeart Planners on the non planner’s guide to menu planning! I’ve also written a post about trying out a family dinner plan through a local Durham spot for busy weeks or as a gift for someone. There are also amazing sources of meal plans, already done, with shopping lists out there! My favorite is the vegetarian menus from Oh My Veggies! Everything is done! Menu with links to recipes, as well as a printable shopping list.

What are your favorite sources for menu planning? Have any good tips to share?

If you need other meal ideas, or love printables as much as I do, check out my Pinterest boards for more inspiration!

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A collection of favorite menu planning printables and tips from the Cup of Tea blog


  1. Whitney says:

    I look forward to meal planning each week. I have found that it’s more fun if I involve my hubby and see what sounds good to him. Sometimes he’ll even offer to grill a night or two and that makes my job much easier πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing all the resources – hope you have a great vacation week πŸ™‚

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Meal planning would be more fun if my hubby thought of a few ideas himself! Even a genre would be helpful!! But he says it’s hard to think of meals on the spot πŸ™‚ But having pretty printables makes meal planning better!!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Oh Laura, there are days when that happens too around here πŸ™‚ But I print off 10 or so at a time, and just keep them by my cookbooks. I do enjoy a pretty printable!

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