What’s in My Diaper Bag – Toddler Edition

What's in My Diaper Bag- Toddler Edition  on the Cup of Tea blogThis blog post should really be called the “What’s in My Non-Diaper Bag Diaper Bag”.

I’m sure every mom goes through this phase – getting tired of lugging around a diaper bag (as much as you may love yours!), and feeling like you’re hauling so much stuff!

So enter the “non diaper bag” diaper bag. It’s still a diaper bag, because I’m hauling diapers, and other kid-related things. But the bag is so not a diaper bag.

I made a deal with myself to start using my good ol’ handbags again. My favorite right now is a classic black tote from Kate Spade. I mentioned it in my January Favorites. It’s classic. You can’t go wrong with black leather and minimal hardware.

The one downside to a non-diaper bag is the lack of pockets. Diaper bags are amazing at having a million pockets which keep you perfectly organized. To compensate, I’ve been collecting pretty zippered pouches to store essentials. My favorite is this navy and white pencil pouch I found at Target. (currently out of stock) In the main compartment, there are diapers and wipes. In the smaller front pouch, I keep diaper trash bags and hand sanitizer. My husband doesn’t mind grabbing this when he needs to do a quick diaper change (Elizabeth’s diaper… not his).

I also picked up a 4 pack set from Amazon. They’re cheap and cheerful.

By utilizing a pouch/compartmentalized system to organize my non-handbag, it makes it super easy to change bags, whenever I want! It’s a great tip whether your a mom or just a lady who loves to switch up her handbags! (Or both!)

To see more details about what I carry in my handbag now that I have a toddler, check out the video!

Here are a few more posts about what I have been carrying in my diaper bag!

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Are you carrying a diaper bag right now? Or just a handbag? How do you stay organized?

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    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Always prepared for the emergency!! I’ve started saving the little packets of crayons they give at restaurants, just in case.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Oh gosh, yes, it does! I was one of those girls who swapped her bag out constantly, so when I started feeling like I HAD to use one diaper bag all the time, it hurt my heart! It’s nice to dig some of those handbags out and work them back into rotation.

  1. Whitney says:

    I just love your videos 🙂 I need to go back and watch all of your older ones. That OXO snack pouch is really cute and I laughed when you said it helps pace Elizabeth when she’s snacking. So true. I also love your random non-toy toys for her – I have a whistle and a tube of sunscreen in my bag for Olive right now.

    Love your lipstick color, all of your polka-dots and that Kate Spade bag is such a classic. I’m still working on carrying a purse more than a diaper bag. It’s hard, but I really should make myself dig out my favorite bags again 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Oh thank you, Whitney! Videos are my favorite thing to do!! They take a lot longer to put together, but they are such fun.

      Any snack pouch helps slow Elizabeth down 🙂 Toddlers can really shovel in the food! HAHA And the random non-toys in my bag never cease to amaze me. So many things in there she loves to play with, including that pouch of lip glosses!

  2. Anne says:

    I’ve been doing the exact same thing around here – I love the little pouches because then I can toss them out when Hendrik’s not with me, and I can also bring just the ones I need for him – like just diaper changing stuff if we’re going to the gym, or add in the bib/eating stuff if we’re going out for dinner, etc. That helps minimize the stuff I have to lug around. Love your bag!

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