Stitch Fix #2 – What I Got and Didn’t Keep

Showing what a typical Stitch Fix box contains, as well as prices for each itemFYI – this post DOES contain a referral link to Stitch Fix. Meaning if you decided to sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link, I’ll get a credit in my account. Which is totally awesome! But not expected.

It’s Stitch Fix Box #2 time! If you missed my review of box #1, check it out! And if you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, let me quickly explain:

You tell a stylist what you like in clothes and accessories. That stylist picks out 5 items they think you would like (or maybe push you out of your comfort zone a little) and sends you a box. You try on the clothes, at home, with your existing wardrobe. Keep and pay for what you want, return what you don’t.

I received this box over the weekend, and (*SPOILER ALERT!) you’ll notice that ALL of the pictures are just shots of the clothes on the floor… none of me wearing them. I basically didn’t really love anything…. I liked the idea of a few things, but not enough to buy them… a bit of a disappointment. But considering all the fun Lilly stuff I bought a few weeks ago, my budget was happy!

But I really wasn’t motivated to photograph any outfits.

Sorry for being a Debbie Downer.

Anyway, let’s just get right down to the items, shall we?

1. Kut From the Kloth – Callie White Denim Jacket – $78 – RETURNED

Sharing what a typical Stitch Fix box contains, as well as prices for each item

This denim jacket was one of the few things that I could have kept. Who doesn’t love a good denim jacket? But then I got thinking about little hands that may have just finished eating yogurt… or black beans… or goldfish crackers… and imagined said white jacket covered with little hand prints. Plus, I already have a regular denim jacket, and couldn’t justify a second in my wardrobe right now. So I returned it.

2. Pixley – Lionel Striped Embroidered Tank – $38 – RETURNED

Showing what a typical Stitch Fix box contains, as well as prices for each item

I’ll be honest – I didn’t even really want to try this on. I saw it sitting in the box and thought “meh….”. The colors look better in this picture than in real life. The yellow was more mustard than cheery. And it’s really just a casual shirt that IF I wanted, I could find at Target. Or Khols. But I gave it a shot. And I returned it. It didn’t float my boat.

3. Fun2Fun – Clarise Mixed Print Tank – $38 – RETURNED

Showing what a typical Stitch Fix box contains, as well as prices for each item

The print on this shirt was pretty! But it was too blousy for me. AND it was too short. So even if I loved it, but asked for a smaller size, I’d still have a short shirt issue, which bugs me.

4. Papermoon – Waters Printed Maxi Dress – $68 – RETURNED

Showing what a typical Stitch Fix box contains, as well as prices for each item

This maxi dress… I think this is the one thing were people will be shouting at their computers saying “KEEP IT! KEEP IT!”. Maxi dresses always look so comfortable and easy. And this was! But I’m not a maxi dress girl. It made me feel and look really short. It was comfortable! The fabric was lightweight and the kind that would wash easily and come out wrinkle free. Win! But I didn’t love it on. So why keep it?

5. Just Black – Aaron Distressed Skinny Jeans – $78 – RETURNED

Showing what a typical Stitch Fix box contains, as well as prices for each item

I liked the idea of a distressed straight leg jean. These are like the “cool girl” version of me. But they couldn’t get up past my hips…. and really would have liked them in a darker color. But I’m just not a “cool girl”. I’d just look like I was trying to hard, right?

So that’s it! Yep, didn’t keep a thing, but don’t think was completely off base. I have in my profile that I like printed/patterned tops and love jackets. I also think the maxi came because I requested a patterned skirt this time.  I also felt like the prices were reasonable. But overall, not a win.

I’ll be skipping next month’s box because we are out of town a lot in May and hate to mess up returning the items.

If you want to learn more about getting your own Fix, you can check it out here. FYI – that link is a referral link/code, so that if you choose to sign up, I get a credit.

What do you think? What would you have kept? Think I made the right decision?

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  1. Megan says:

    Sorry nothing worked out, but I think you made the right decisions. To be honest, I haven’t been tempted by the Stitch Fix thing. When I see what others are getting, my the items I like are my opinion. I know others are really enjoying it as a way to try out clothes from different brands and out of their comfort zone.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I know there is still a learning curve with them in sending me things I like, so I’ll just be patient. I do like the convenience factor, and the surprise/anticipation that comes with getting it, so I’m happy so far. I’ll agree that some of the things I’ve gotten were overpriced. But then I just chose not to keep them. But it’s fun!

  2. Whitney says:

    Good call on all these items. I can see your point about toddlers and white jackets not going well together. I like the pattern of that short top and the maxi, but you probably wouldn’t wear them much if you didn’t love them. Hope next month is a better one 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Yeah I liked the patterns too, but figured if I tried them on and didn’t love them, then why keep them? But oh well! There’s always the next box 😉

  3. taylor says:

    i wish i had your will power! i’ve definitely gotten better about it, but i want to keep things. i had to learn that lesson the hard way.
    i enjoy you sharing your fixes! i am getting another one next month. i’m hoping for a better one since my last box was kind of a bust.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Oh yes! I remember your last box not working. I don’t know why I’m having an easier time resisting the urge to buy! Maybe that I don’t have the pressure of a sales person talking to me? And maybe that I don’t have to buy right that moment… I don’t know.

  4. Jaelan says:

    Oh man. I’m sorry nothing worked. That’s the bad thing about Stitch Fix. I’ve only had one fix so far (next is coming in June), but I’m hoping they start to learn my style a little better next time.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I figured there would be a style learning curve, and I’m still ok with the boxes not being 100% perfect. The next box should be interesting!!

  5. Michelle says:

    What a bummer that nothing fit! Does the program allow you to enter-in pricing ranges in advance? Some of the prices seem a bit steep for me, but I guess I need to take into account the fact that you’re basically getting a virtual personal stylist, huh?

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Yes, they do let you set price ranges. And that’s my theory on prices. I’m paying a little for someone to send me clothes AND the convenience of trying it all on from home. Some things are a bit overpriced, but then I just send it back! But it does force you to only keep things that you really love.

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