High Five for Friday #54 | Snowstorm Preparation

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Did you notice? H54F is now going live at 8AM EST! That’s one extra hour to edit, finish up (or just write – which is totally fine!). Hope it didn’t cause too much confusion this morning.

This week’s featured blogger is Melissa from The Happy Little Hive! Her blog has an amazing collection of recipes, DIY projects, and home fun. Are you stuck with snow this weekend?? Check out her AMAZING recipe for crock pot vegetable beef soup. And I’ll definitely be curling up on the sofa this weekend with the adult coloring pages she found. Go swing over and say hello!!

So, how was your week?

1. Today we’re supposed to be getting a HUGE winter storm. It’s suppose to be a mix of snow and rain/ice until Saturday afternoon. When that happens, the whole area just completely shuts down. I did the usual run to the grocery store pre-storm on Thursday morning and bought, not milk and bread, but ingredients for cinnamon rolls and 7 layer dip. Priorities. Which begs the question – what do you stock up on before a big snow storm?


This whole meme is playing out right now on my local parent FB group! The South and snow!

2. Speaking of food, we finished up our 2 weeks of the Blue Apron service this week. It was fun to try some new recipes and have pretty food! Look out for a full review in a few weeks. But in case you didn’t see it on Instagram (*cough cough* don’t forget to follow me!) I posted the yummy dishes! Our favorite was definitely this butternut squash and poblano pepper soup.

Followed by this yummy panzanella salad with apples and blue cheese.

3. We are in full swing getting Elizabeth’s big girl room decorated! I’m actually decorating this room more than I did the nursery when she was born! HAHA! Her theme (ish… I’m not a huge theme girl) is shabby chic/garden. She picked out her own bed linens (I may have persuaded her a little) and we’re reusing some of my husband’s childhood furniture. We also set up her antique bed. She is in love! I can’t wait until it is all finished.

4. Will you also be stuck this weekend with the snowstorm?? Then might I suggest a binge-watching marathon of Making a Murderer on Netflix? We FLEW through that series in a matter of days. There were a few nights in a row where we stayed up until midnight (rare for us!) because each episode ended at a cliff hanger. Such a good series! Watch it, if you haven’t already.

And if you have seen it, here’s a list of crime documentaries to watch next!

5. Last week I saw that Caitlin mentioned she’s obsessed with Bullet Journals and was getting ready to start her own. I’ve been obsessed for a while but seeing her mention it made me reignite my excitement! I spent a TON of time on Pinterest scanning blog posts like this one! And then I stumbled on this FB group where all the chatter is about bullet journals. Even if you have ZERO idea what a bullet journal is, seeing how everyone organizes their days is fascinating!

And if reading about lists isn’t your thing, I’ve also been obsessed with scanning this FB group all about cleaning!

6. On the blog this week:

Menu Monday

The Everyday | Makeup Essentials – a video with a “that’s what she said” moment (thanks Whitney HAHA!)

What were you up to this week? Let me know!

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    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      You are supposed to be slammed!!! I hope it doesn’t live up to the hype for you. So far we’ve just had rain/ice over a dusting of snow, which isn’t all that nice. I’d rather drive in snow than on ice!!

  1. Shelly says:

    Definitely going to have to read about the bullet journals. Can’t wait to see your daughters room. We are just about to start the process of going from little girl to big girl room and we haven’t picked the bedding yet.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      The bedding was the hardest part for me… there were SO many directions to go in. But in the end she (or I…) settled for a simple white comforter with a light floral pattern on it. Easy to add to the linens and play off of with decor. I’m not that clever! Have fun!!

  2. Amanda Bullard says:

    Oh Katie, I woke up to what looks like 3 inches of snow and it just keeps on coming on, I’m terribly sad. However, I take comfort in the fact that I have a new Netflix show to binge on thanks to you! My little girl has antique furniture in her room from my grandmother! It is so nice to be able to use great pieces from years ago. Happy weekend – make your bread and milk smoothies to go with the 7 layer dip! xo Amanda

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      HAHA Bread and milk smoothies! Hilarious! And gross 🙂 We woke up to nothing, but now it is switching between snow and ice… I’d rather have the snow!! Stay warm and enjoy that binge watching 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness!! What an incredible surprise this morning! Thank you so very much for the feature. So exciting and sweet of you!! My sweet Southern mama never quite got used to the snow here in Indiana. Stay warm this weekend and enjoy! xoxo

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      HAHA Surprise! I emailed you yesterday to give you a heads up, but it’s WAY more fun to be surprised 🙂 I’m from the Midwest, so this little snow storm warms my heart (especially since I don’t have to go anywhere). Happy weekend!

  4. Mariah Klee says:

    YES I knew you’d like Making a Murderer! It’s so similar to Serial (which I’m still sour about season one’s ending of). I can’t wait to see Elizabeth’s big girl room! I never do much of a “theme” either…I was really confused when people kept asking me what her theme was…like what are you talking about? Lol. Shabby Chic/Garden sounds adorable, though! Happy Friday 🙂

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Theme schmeme. The new baby’s room has more of a theme than Elizabeth ever had! HAHA It was inspirational 🙂 But it’s all slowly coming together. And Making a Murderer was just ADDICTING!!! So good!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Whitney says:

    Ha. Your videos always leave me satisfied and smiling. 🙂

    We are marathoning Seinfeld and New Girl during our epic ice/snow today. I always opt for humor over suspense….and I’m a huge scaredy cat. 🙂 Hope you all stayed warm and cozy over in NC!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      HAHAHA! Absolutely LOUD laughter at that line 🙂 We just finished marathoning Fixer Upper during nap time. Even though I’d rather have more snow than this ice business, it sounds neat hitting the windows! Hope you stay warm too!! 🙂

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      It is exciting! And we haven’t had a ton of snow. But the little snow we do have is coated in ice! Thankfully we haven’t gone anywhere 🙂

  6. Jess says:

    LOVE Boho Berry! Her bullet journal is so gorgeous! You should def follow her on Instagram if you don’t already *heart-eyes emoji* Yay Elizabeth and her big girl room!! 🙂 And yikes this snow is crazy!! The Philly ‘burbs have turned into Hoth! (And I can finally make that reference having seen half of Empire Strikes Back!) I think the cinnamon roll ingredients were a clutch decision 🙂 Have a great snowy weekend!!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Isn’t that blog addicting???? So obsessed right now. And we haven’t had too much snow, but instead we’ve been blessed with a layer of ice. If you’re exterior is like a scene from Hoth, then I am so sorry! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  7. Nancy says:

    We are getting slammed by the storm! I just checked out the list of other documentaries to watch after Making a Murderer. It was so good! I LOVE my bullet journal! I tried Blue Apron awhile ago and wasn’t a huge fan….I’m curious to see read your thoughts in your future post! Hope you are staying warm and safe in the storm!

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      I need to watch through that list of shows now. I’ve got Making a Murderer withdrawls! And Blue Apron – spoiler is that it was fun, but I probably won’t do it again… Hope you all are warm and cozy!!

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