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Who’s ready for another installment of The Everyday?

This particular topic has been on my heart lately. Some call it self care. Some call it quiet time. I call it My Time. I wanted to share my favorite ways to find snippets each day to have time, just for me. It may be 10 minutes or an hour. But it’s so important for us to find ways to relax and reboot.

One thing I had to do first before I could enjoy that quiet time was to let go of guilt!

I’m the kind of person that feels like I must be busy at all times, always productive. I’ve always been that way! But recently, I’ve felt a pull to slow down. Sure, I’m pregnant, but it has been more than that lately. I have lately been pulled away from what matters most – family and home. And I’m realigning my priorities.

I also had to find out what truly works for me. Self Improvement blog posts sure are popular right now! You can read hundreds of them and think you have the answer to the perfect routine. But we are all wired differently and need different ways to be productive AND to wind down.

So this is a more serious video than the normal for me. It’s a heart to heart here. But it really is one of my favorite videos to date.

What do you do to relax and have time just for you? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Michelle says:

    My kind of post Katie. I take time by walking. Reading with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. I don’t have little one at home, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pulled in all kinds of directions. When I’m outdoors exercising, that is my prayer time, thoughts time and just spending time alone with myself. Enjoyed this!

  2. Amanda Bullard says:

    Katie, Katie, Katie are we soul sisters? The whole time I watched the video and heard your words i was like – is she me? What? I am an early bird and cherish time before the family wakes up! BUT I am never productive in that time. I get really spunky around 7-8pm though….strange! I love a cup of tea or coffee and a book during wind down time at night. One thing I do every day (except one to two days depending on the week) is exercise at the gym. It is the time of the day when I can clear my mind and not worry about my kids, husband, dog, house, checkbook, calendar, etc. I just focus on the music and the need I have to push myself as far as I can that particular day. xoxoxox

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Soul Sisters, indeed!! It took me so long to figure out that I was an unproductive morning person.. it seemed so unnatural! My husband is a productive morning person, but would sleep in if the world was perfect 🙂 And yes, I tend to be MORE productive in the evenings… I think it’s the motivation to hurry up so I can go to bed HAHA! Thanks for watching!

  3. Ashley says:

    This is so true! Taking time for yourself is so important and finding the balance can be tough. I am a lot like you in feeling that I need to be busy at all times. I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the small things in life 🙂

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