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Jessie from The Acquired Sass

Today’s featured blogger is Jessie from The Acquired Sass! She’s a blogger from Pittsburgh who loves fitness, food and the everyday. Check out her latest post on budgeting! It’s full of practical tips that can help you feel a little more confident when adulting and doing the whole budget thing. Swing over and say hello!

How is it Friday already?? I swear, wasn’t it just the weekend?

1. Friends, there is a reason you overbuy holiday decorations, particularly when they go on sale. Friday I was just itching to celebrate the Olympics so I hauled out my 4th of July bin and grabbed some doodads to help us set up a fun Olympics dinner. I even got Elizabeth to tackle a few crafts, including an Olympic ring toss game. Also, I’m thinking craft paper and crayons need to be on our dining table all the time!

We also stayed up late to watch some of the Olympic opening ceremony. Elizabeth was so jazzed to be up late, but we all weren’t thrilled with the commercials. Unfortunately the late night on Friday made for an EXTRA crabby kiddo all day on Saturday, and, therefore, an EXTRA crabby mommy. I definitely didn’t want to be a parent that day…

2. Sunday we had back-to-back birthday parties on the other side of town. I tackled the first party as a solo parent and mercy! It was a parent fail morning. I completely forgot it was a swimming/backyard party and we arrived in entirely the wrong clothing. I forgot Elizabeth’s swim suit so she borrowed a pair of Cars underwear and wore that. I sweat and sweat and sweat in my jeans. Ugh.

Thankfully a sweet friend snapped AMAZING pictures at both parties!

One of 2 birthday parties last weekend

3. Sunday afternoon was a pool party! This was Elizabeth’s first proper time swimming, so I brought a set of puddle jumpers (fancy word for “floaties”) for her. My husband and I both thought she SHOULD wear it, but we somehow thought the other was nonchalant about it. So she went straight for the kid pool without the floaties. And about 2 minutes later, she trips and is floating, in the water, face down!! So terrifying! I develop some sort of superhero speed and run, in the water, right to her and haul her out, well before the life guard gets to her. Thankfully she came up not even coughing! Just wide eyed and said “woah, mommy!”. She wasn’t phased at all, but Mommy and Daddy were…. we all needed a family “cool down” on the side of the pool before we let her go back in, this time WITH the floaties.

One of 2 birthday parties last weekend

One of 2 birthday parties last weekend

It makes you realize it takes just seconds for a little one to get into trouble in the pool. Thankfully I was staring at her when she tripped, so she was underwater for just a few seconds, but still. My husband and I were shaken up about it until we went to bed!

4. Monday I got my hair cut, and I went to a Great Clips! I was actually pleasantly surprised! I have a boring haircut as it is, so it’s not complicated. But I was in and out in 20 minutes and paid $18, which includes tip! Win! I really hate having to pay for shampoo and a scalp massage (which gives me the heebie jeebies) so I was thrilled with just a quick spritz with the water bottle, a cut, and go! If you watched my Instagram Stories you would have seen the cut. *cough go follow* But stay tuned next week for a NEW video for the famous Great Clips doo 🙂

5. This week’s workouts were SO intense. We had 2 days of 1,000 rep challenges… and I can barely move. Basically 10 different moves, and each move you complete 100 reps. So 1,000 reps total.  BUT I’m proud to say I made it to 4 out of 5 days! 5am is STILL an awful time to wake up and go work out, but once I walk into the building it’s all fine. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than coming home to a house where everyone is STILL all asleep 🙂 If you’re curious, I go to Burn Boot Camp. There are locations in several states, and it’s classes for women only.  (Plus free childcare at some of the classes!)

What was your highlight from the week? Can’t wait to hear about it!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Oh my gosh, I feel your pain with the late nights and a cranky daughter the next day……and my daughter is 10! Except I’m talking about sleepovers with friends. How scary with Elizabeth and the pool. Great mommy powers! Can’t wait to see your haircut. Have a great weekend!

  2. Jess says:

    1000 reps?!? :O That sounds terrible and downright impossible! The most I have to do at physical therapy (usually) is 30, which is ok, but there’s one new exercise that I have to do 15 reps of, and I can barely make it to 10! I have to stop, take a break, and then do the last 5! So the thought of 1000 reps is legit mind-boggling, haha! And I really appreciate your honesty about parenting. What a scary day at the pool! I’m glad Elizabeth is ok (although you may be scarred now!)! While watching the Olympic swimming, I said to my dad, “Huh, I don’t remember a thing from my swim lessons as a kid!” which I think he had signed me up for specifically with the goal of keeping me safe at friends’ pools. Whoops! Hope this weekend is lowkey for you all!

  3. Amy says:

    Stopping by as recommended by Jess at The Acquired Sass . . . mercy, glad all is well with your daughter. As parents we’ve all had those heart stopping moments and yes, they happen in seconds. And high five for the 1,000 beast workout – you go girl!

  4. Tif says:

    OMG your title!haha I bet you were burning up. Also, I want to start exercising again, but it is sooo hard to get started. I love the pics of y’all–so sweet! And we both got new hair! I take Kane to Great Clips, but I’ve never been in and out of a hair place in 20 minutes.haha


  5. Whitney Jordan says:

    William looks so cute in his bandana bibs!! Glad you were supermom coming to Elizabeth’s rescue at the pool. A similar thing happened to Olive in the kiddie pool last year and it scared me to death!! I make sure I’m always close by now. Hope you’re having a great week and high fives to you for waking up early to work out. #momgoals

  6. Beverly says:

    That pool incident was scary, but thankfully kids are pretty resilient. 🙂 Glad you found a good haircut place, too. It’s nice to get what you need at a decent price!

  7. Beverly says:

    Forgot to add that I have been enjoying 4th of July decor throughout the Olympics, too. I actually left up some patriotic stuff so I wouldn’t have to haul it out again a month later. By the end of the Olympics, I grew a little tired of the red, white and blue. Haha! 😉

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