William’s 5 Month Update

An update about William at 5 Months

This sweet little boy is 5 months. 5 months???!!! Mercy. The last time I had an update for him was at 2 months.

This poor kid is lacking in the updates and monthly pictures… every time I tried to take a pic at month 3 and 4, it was either a stinky lighting day, or a bad spit up day, or he started crying the minute I set it up. Sigh… but hey! At least there’s a 5 month picture.

I’m happy to report that we, as a family, feel all settled in. Having a baby feels normal. Having a 3 year old feels normal. It’s a nice phase to be in.

Happy Helper

Here’s the best part so far – Elizabeth and William are adorable! Elizabeth just thinks he’s the cutest thing ever. William thinks she is just the funniest thing ever. We have so many videos of baby giggles because Big Sister is doing something fun. And Elizabeth relishes in any small job I give her, even if it’s just restocking diapers in our diaper basket. (so handy!)

Big sister admiration!

Brother and Sister

Sibling time

Height/Weight: William is 24.5″ (6%) and 15.5 lbs (23%). He looks MASSIVE! But he’s not really that big when you see the percentiles. It must be he proportions, being short but stocky. Here’s a funny story though – I took William and Elizabeth to the doctor at the same time for their checkups. They are only 10 lbs apart. HAHA!

Routine: We’ve been through transitions getting settled in to his new routine. But we’ve got a good groove right now.

Here’s his current routine.

  • 7:00am – Wake up and bottle, then play time
  • 9:00am – Nap
  • 11:00am – Bottle
  • 1:00pm – Nap
  • 3:00pm – Bottle
  • 4:30pm – Has been taking a quick cat nap, no longer than 1 hour
  • 5:30pm – Up and play time
  • 7:00pm – Bottle and then bed. William and Elizabeth head up at the same time for bed time.

Sleeping: We were going through a phase the last 2 months where he went from sleeping through the night to waking up every few hours! He wasn’t hungry… just more annoyed that he woke up. Now that he’s figured out how to go back to sleep, his new problem is the whole “I’ve rolled on my stomach and can’t roll back!” panic. But I feel like that’s almost figured itself out. This last week, I’ve made sure he’s kept his naps consistent, and even put him to bed early a few times, and he’s sleeping straight through the night! That whole “sleep begets more sleep” concept seems to be working.

Eating:  William, I swear, was born without an ability to tell he is full. He’s now eating 8 oz bottles at a time!! And downing them quickly! He’s still spitting up quite a bit. But it’s definitely lessening, because I’m not needing to run a load of burp clothes every day in order to survive the next morning. So that’s something!

William also started eating the baby cereal thing this last week. He gobbled it up! Loved it! I did baby led weaning with Elizabeth at 6 months, and I think William will be all about that too.

William tries food for the first time

Sizes: William is now in between sizes. He can still wear some 3-6 month clothes but also is wearing 9 month clothes in PJs and tops. He’s also wearing a size 3 diaper… but I swear that’s even starting to look small on him.

Milestones: Oh so many fun ones!

  • Sitting in the high chair is tons of fun!
  • We hauled the jumperoo down and he… tolerates it HA!
  • William is so close to sitting up on his own.
  • Officially tried his first bite of cereal.
  • Can easily roll over from back to stomach… now to master stomach to back!
  • William grabs toys so easily now. He plays and chews now.
  • He also loves grabbing my face.
  • If you wave good bye, he does a quick hand wave back.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Awe I miss those days! My little one is 4 years now. Like you I had a girl first and boy second and nothing compares to those little boys! (love my daughter too!)

  2. Catherine Short says:

    Teach me your sleeping ways! You must have the magic touch. William is so cute and I can only imagine seeing them interact with one another. I think it’s so special when the older sibling dotes on their baby.

    • Katie @ Cup of Tea says:

      Maybe my kids are wired to sleep but I doubt it’s any special powers I have!!! Hang tight – it will get better!

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