High Five for Friday #114 – Parenting Fail!

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Friday! What a week!

1. My parents were here last weekend for a quick trip before they continued on to the Caribbean for an even better trip. It’s always wonderful to have my parents visit! I swear, though, the kids needed the full week to recover from the visit. Is there such a thing as a Grandparent Hangover? There is now no one constantly talking/playing with them, and it’s a hard thing to get back to normal.

2. Who loves March basketball??? Last week’s games were intense!  Duke played 4 days in a row, and my heart could barely handle it. It’s just so fun to watch good games though! Even my parents were in to the games. I mean… it’s Duke Basketball! Who wouldn’t get into it?

3. I spent some time wrapping up some projects that have been hanging out on my to-do list for a while. I spent two mornings over at our new church to organize a few classrooms. Wednesday I went without Elizabeth while she was at school. William slept in another room while I blitzed a classroom for an hour. It was SO productive!! Focusing on these projects for the week put me behind on other things (like editing videos to get up here) but oh well. Something got checked off this week.

4. We’re heading out of town this weekend for a quick trip to my in-laws. I can’t wait! But today will be spent packing up. I’m planning on a “pack with me” vlog while I’m packing up. That should be a fun video!

5. Elizabeth has entered this weird phase of being feisty but funny. I feel like every week I’ve got something to share! I did commit a parenting fail, however. Elizabeth is famous for grabbing a piece of paper, swirling scribbles all over with every color imaginable, and then declaring it a masterpiece! There is only so many of these I can keep…. yesterday I picked up a few and tossed them. I normally try to empty the garbage ASAP or at least cover it when I do this. But… I forgot. She came down from her nap, and I asked her to toss something in the trash can. I completely forgot her “masterpiece” was sitting on top of the trash!!!!! From across the house I hear “Hey! You threw away my masterpiece!”. The look she gave me…. it’s like she immediately started thinking about all the OTHER things she was missing, and wondering if I’d tossed those things too! (Which… I probably have….) Parenting Fail indeed!

How was your week?? Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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  1. Lisa Richardson says:

    Funny and feisty are a deadly combination. I think that describes both myself and my daughter (in college). Good luck?. I’ve had quite a few parent fails myself…welcome to the club. Happy Friday!?

  2. Nancy says:

    Visits with grandparents are always fun! Oh, my kids know that I don’t keep all their stuff. They even say, “Oh, you’re probably going to recycle this….” LOL! There is only so much kid artwork, papers, “masterpieces” etc. that one can keep! Have a great weekend at your in-laws!

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